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12 January 2018


Was a month of new experiences for me. From food to visiting new places in London and being a tourist in my own city. It was probably the best christmas break I've ever had, filled with laughter, smiles and hundreds of memories that were captured in so many different ways.

University: Loneliness, Isolation & Motivation

10 December 2017


You're away from your family, friends, surrounded by new people, strangers that are soon to turn to acquaintances, to friends, to best friends and maybe boyfriends or girlfriends. Along with university and its many freedoms comes new experiences, new opportunities and situations and both can lead to you changing as a person and before you know it, you feel almost as if you've lost yourself.

New Tries: November

6 December 2017
New Tries: November.

I can't tell you how late this blog post is, its seriously been a long time coming guys. But I just had so many deadlines that needed completing, the christmas period deadlines kind of attack you out of nowhere and then all of sudden you have a million things to do, but finally I can share with you some of the awesome things I've been lucky to try lately.

Bloggers Guide To: London.

11 November 2017


It's paradise for content as a blogger. There are so many different types of places you can visit to get content for your blog or instagram. Living in Hertfordshire, I find myself travelling into Central London every week to take my pictures in preference to taking the pictures in my own back yard. 

Whether you want a street full of colorful houses, graffiti filled walls or pretty white houses with a door step for posing on, London has it covered. So here's my guide for places to visit and what you can get up to whilst there.

Living My Best Life.

7 November 2017

'living my best life'.

this phrase has become something I joke about often with friends at university. ordering a cheeky chinese whilst sat in front of netflix, was one of the many times I've claimed to be living my best life. university has given me a lot of time to focus on what I want from life and there's some changes I'm making, so I thought I'd share them with you because I think they're things we could all do to really start out journey to living our best lives.