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Dashiki For The Win

21 July 2016

Why, oh why have I only waited till now to take advantage of my family members offering to bring me clothes back from Nigeria? No seriously, why?

 All thanks to the idea of having an African print prom dress (which by the way, won me prom queen, just putting that out there) I was also brought back a dashiki, which I have come to love a great amount.

Top 3 Breakfast Spots

16 July 2016
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and just possibly the most instagram worthy meal of the day.

My sister and I take our breakfasts very seriously when taking trips out to somewhere in London. In fact, we take it so seriously that we'll stalk London foodie isntagram accounts and till we agree on one that has the food, lighting and location.

1. The Breakfast Club

Just like the film, it was love after the first few seconds. 

A Day Out In : Soho

8 July 2016

 So, if you read my last blogpost or you know or follow me, you would know that my sister and I have a ritual, where we wake up at the crack of dawn so that we can venture out into central London for the day.

For the first time EVER this time, our day out did not start with pancakes at an instagramworthy restaurant or café, well it was meant to but after spending fifteen minutes trying to find Workshop Coffee Co we gave up and instead, rather glumly might I add, settled for Pret A Manger which was still great as I got to try my first ever acai bowl.

But you won't guess what happened next though.

Central London And Jumpsuits

5 July 2016

 After months and months of waiting, rather impatiently, my sister and I had one of our sisterly days out which usually consist of us waking up at the crack of dawn, moaning about how early it is, getting ready in a rushed manner, me taking Sade's (my sister) blog photos, eating a breakfast that usually includes pancakes and then spending the rest of the day exploring all the little pleasures that Central London brings.