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University: Loneliness, Isolation & Motivation

10 December 2017


You're away from your family, friends, surrounded by new people, strangers that are soon to turn to acquaintances, to friends, to best friends and maybe boyfriends or girlfriends. Along with university and its many freedoms comes new experiences, new opportunities and situations and both can lead to you changing as a person and before you know it, you feel almost as if you've lost yourself.

New Tries: November

6 December 2017
New Tries: November.

I can't tell you how late this blog post is, its seriously been a long time coming guys. But I just had so many deadlines that needed completing, the christmas period deadlines kind of attack you out of nowhere and then all of sudden you have a million things to do, but finally I can share with you some of the awesome things I've been lucky to try lately.

Bloggers Guide To: London.

11 November 2017


It's paradise for content as a blogger. There are so many different types of places you can visit to get content for your blog or instagram. Living in Hertfordshire, I find myself travelling into Central London every week to take my pictures in preference to taking the pictures in my own back yard. 

Whether you want a street full of colorful houses, graffiti filled walls or pretty white houses with a door step for posing on, London has it covered. So here's my guide for places to visit and what you can get up to whilst there.

Living My Best Life.

7 November 2017

'living my best life'.

this phrase has become something I joke about often with friends at university. ordering a cheeky chinese whilst sat in front of netflix, was one of the many times I've claimed to be living my best life. university has given me a lot of time to focus on what I want from life and there's some changes I'm making, so I thought I'd share them with you because I think they're things we could all do to really start out journey to living our best lives.

Dress Wishlist - Floral Edition

23 October 2017

Ever since posting my last ootd,  I haven't been able to shake my obsession for floral print and dresses now that I've rediscovered my love for them. As in, if you could see my ever growing wishlist on all my apps, there has been a serious floral takeover, which is why I thought I would try a different post and show you some of my favorite dresses at the moment.

My Favorite Scents.

22 October 2017

smelling good,

 is something I obsess with, as in, I'm one of those people who love when people walk pass and you get a whiff of their perfume and think 'oooh they smelt amazing'. I'm constantly changing my scent as there's just so many different scents I like from sweet to floral, to fruity. So I thought I would share some of my favorite scents at the moment. 

Why I Struggle As A Blogger

15 October 2017

When it comes to blogging, I struggle with so much. Being creative, creating content and being content.

Motivation & A Lust For Life.

27 September 2017
motivation & a lust for life.

This summer I spent most, if not all of it working at a new summer job. Everyday I left tired, exhausted even. I was over it after my first few days there. The money like most jobs when you're young, was the only thing motivating me. Throughout my time there I could hear this one quote my mum likes to remind me of annually, when it's either close to or after results day and its: 'give your all now so you can get the job you want and live the life you dream of'.

You Don't Know Me Yet.

15 September 2017

I feel like you guys don't really know me yet.

When I first started my blog I did a short but sweet post introducing myself but looking back, the post doesn't tell you much about me, also things have changed a lot since then, I've changed, grown and my writing when it comes to my blog has improved since then and I now realise one paragraph isn't enough for a whole blog post (yikes). So here's a little bit about me.

How I Take & Edit Photos.

9 September 2017
how to take and edit iphone photos

editing & taking pictures.

My photos are something I'm quite proud of when it comes to my blog, instagram and photography. I've been into photography and capturing things for a good three years I'd say and it all started with taking my sisters blog photos as I've mentioned 300 times. But funnily enough I use to hate taking Sade's photos, so much so that I would literally click and pass her the camera back. The photo would be blurry, out of focus, not angled well but I wouldn't care.

August: New Tries

7 September 2017

august new tries.

This sounds better than monthly favorites right? More of a truthful title seeing as the products I mention most of the time have been very kindly sent by brands so my opinions seem more true this way, although if I have said I love a product I do mean it.

Out of all my posts about my favorite products, I think the bad boys in this post are my serious favorites I've wrote about thus far on the blog.

Comparison: The Thief Of Joy

28 August 2017


It's something I've done since lord knows when, whether it be me comparing my grades with my friends, my summer holiday spent at home to my friends going on holiday every other second, my figure and my skin compared to people my age, my blog and its success to other blogs, it's something that we all hate to do but can't seem to stop doing anyway.

comparison is a thief of joy and its time we focused on ourselves a little bit more.

London Coffee Shop Round Up

22 August 2017
coffee shops.

They're a blogger staple. You could say that we would be a bit lost without them because they're part of us, part of the package that is being a blogger. I can't tell you how many times I've sat on instagram looking for instagrammable coffee shops to visit during my next venture into central london. So I thought why not share with my fellow latte lovers, the best of the best I've experienced so far.

Results Day & Handling It.

16 August 2017

results day.

A day we dread. A day where we know the night before, sleep will be almost impossible. A day where we know it can change our lives for the better or worse. When it came to A levels results day for me, I thought it was going to change my life for worst but it didn't because I didn't let it.

Change Is Good

13 August 2017

It's something I didn't know too much about when I first started doing it, I didn't know much about the blogging community, or how to blog 'properly' if that makes sense. It wasn't till having my blog for over a year that I started to realise there are a lot of aspects that I didn't quiet like about blogging when it came to my experience.


8 August 2017

July for me was a family focused month, with family visiting from Chicago and Nigeria. July was full of a lot of great memories too, so I thought why not do a blog post on what I got up to, what I've learnt, what I experienced.

Blogging Myths That Need Cancelling

5 August 2017

Blogging, it's something many have turned to because we've either been inspired, need an outlet or simply feel inspired. But it can be hard when you don't know much about the blogging world, have no one around you who understands it or feel like you're not getting anywhere which is why I decided to write and dedicate this blog to you, whether you're a newbie or oldie.

Summer Favourites

1 August 2017

Every summer new products are brought out on the market and our skin senses start tingling and before we know it we have a huge amount of products we are using because the skin and body needs start changing.This summer for the first time I decided to actually get into a habit of trying and keeping a routine together with some products and here are some that I'm loving so far this summer.

We Need To Talk: Relationships

20 July 2017
We Need To Talk.

Lately there's been a lot of thoughts running through my mind. I find myself constantly evaluating the relationships I have with people. There are so many that I've found myself unhappy in, especially since starting my first year of university, new people, new friends and what not.

So I thought I'd share some situations that light alarm bells in my head, that if you relate to, you should cancel, immediately.

Street Style

18 July 2017

 If you follow my blog and ootd posts, I know what you're thinking. This outfit is a bit more laid back than the others, right? Well that's because I'm actually a big fan of street style, the casual approach to fashion which still screams 'fashion blogger'. Some days I like to pick comfort over being dressy and boy was it a hot day last sunday!


9 July 2017

When the moon hits your eyes like a big pizza pie, that's amore. 
When the world seems to shine like you've had too much wine, that's amore
Bells will ring ting-a-ling-a-ling, ting-a-ling-a-ling and you'll sing "Vita bella"
Hearts will play tippy-tippy-tay, tippy-tippy-tay like a gay tarantella.

Why Date Yourself?

2 July 2017

Last sunday after an amazing service at Hillsong, I decided to make my way home seeing as I didn't have my sister and partner in crime with me to hang out about the Central London streets, also being broke doesn't help or else I would have taken myself for a latte.

One Year Blogaversary

26 June 2017

I did it guys! I made a WHOLE year of blogging.

I mean...I wasn't constant with it, but I made it! I just want to start off by thanking you all for the amazing support you've been giving me recently and throughout. Whether it's by reading my blog, commenting, or just saying nice things. Every ounce of support is appreciated and doesn't go unnoticed. 

June: Monthly Favourites

24 June 2017

Hey lovelies (you're probably tired of me using this word, I know) I decided since I received so many lovely things to try I would share my favorite ones in a June monthly favorites, let me know if this is something you want to see more of.

It's A Match!

19 June 2017

Finally back to my usual sunday routine with my big sis, you guys know our sundays together are what I look to the most every week. As usual the routine consisted of a early wake up, iced lattes, blog photos and hillsong.


2 June 2017

The kind people over at Anatomicals UK were so kind as to send me some of their products to review and if you know me, you know that I'm constantly on the look for new products that will help with my skin as I suffer from acne prone oily skin, hence the reason why I decided to pick so many face related items.

Ruffles & Culottes

28 May 2017

I said that I was going to do more  OOTD posts on the blog and I'm killing it guys, no?

I've had a real obsession with ruffles lately if you haven't noticed recently on my instagram. Also, I finally purchased my first pair of culottes, can we just take a moment to celebrate! I wondered when this day would finally come and here it is.

Island Stories

17 May 2017

We made it to our second ever blog event guys! Whoo! And boy was it a good one. On Thursday I attended an Essex bloggers event that was hosted by Island Stories and there are so many reasons why it was amazing.

Reasons why the event was amazing:
- The food was mouthwatering
- I got to meet a blogger friend
- Prosecco (how could I not list it?)
- The atmosphere

Stripes 2.0

3 May 2017

Hello my lovelies, as per usual, I lost my mojo to blog the moment I arrived back to university for my final term of my first year. Can you believe how fast time has gone by?

19 Things I Want To Achieve By 20.

30 March 2017

Seeing as my 19th birthday is just around the corner (April 1st, I know of all the days right?) I thought it would be a nice idea to share with you guys, 19 things I hope to achieve before I'm 20!

Self Loving

17 March 2017

Learning to love yourself is something we all struggle with and I'd be lying if I said I've been able to master that. It's not a easy journey nor is it a short one but it's one that feels amazing every time you're able to take a step forward.

If we're being honest with each other some things I've struggled and still struggle to love at times is my skin because it's so acne prone and full of scars, my weight, my nose, how 'soft' I can be and my lack of a backbone in most situations.

So...because it's something I know affects a lot of us, I thought I'd share some of my methods I use to drown out, mute and say 'good riddance' to those unwanted and negative thoughts.

Fedoras & Stripes

12 March 2017

This set of ootd pictures have been waiting to be posted since august and after running a poll on twitter I finally decided to post them (thank you to all of you who voted). I have to agree, its been way too long since I've posted an ootd.

What Has University Taught Me So Far

9 March 2017

As expected, university has taught me a lot about myself, life and what I want from life.

Some of these, I had been prepared for thanks to binge watching university experience videos. Some of these lessons were learnt the hard way. Due to most of the things being learnt the hard way, I thought I would share them with you just in case you are yet to experience any of the following.

120 Hours In Bordeaux

19 February 2017

After my flatmate Bella told us the news that she had booked return flights for her mother and herself for £40, one of my best friends, Monet and I decided that we wanted to begin our 2017 with a short girls holiday.

We ended up playing rock, paper, scissors to decide whether we'd be flying out to Milan or Bordeaux. Monet was Milan, I was Bordeaux so you can guess who won our game (me!).