London Coffee Shop Round Up

coffee shops.

They're a blogger staple. You could say that we would be a bit lost without them because they're part of us, part of the package that is being a blogger. I can't tell you how many times I've sat on instagram looking for instagrammable coffee shops to visit during my next venture into central london. So I thought why not share with my fellow latte lovers, the best of the best I've experienced so far.

Kaffeine is what I would call a hidden gem. It's not one the coffee shops you see every blogger in london posting about on their instagram or twitter. My sister was the one who told me and brought me to Kaffeine for my first experience and I can say, hand on heart, they make the best banana bread I've ever tasted (ask for it toasted and thank me later).

If you like the idea of being perched on a bench sipping on a latte whilst watching cabs drive by then Kaffeine is for you.

Where: 15 East Castle Street.

Timberyard is that coffee shop that covers all my matcha loving needs. Their matcha cake with white chocolate icing is on another level, I could happily have a whole cake to myself if my wallet and stomach would let me. 

Timberyard is the kind of coffee shop that you go to if you want to get work done, or have a meeting at. It's a hop and a skip away from oxford circus station, it's just a bit hidden from the busy main streets which is what makes it such a treat. Everything there is 'cute' the board that your tea or coffee comes on, the small glasses you get and the bottle of water that comes with whatever you've ordered. 

Where: Noel Street

Soho Grind:

If you know me and you know me well, you'll know that Soho Grind is my one and only true love when it comes to coffee shops. If I'm in a coffee shop 70% of the time you'll find me here. It's my favorite place to go for coffee with my sister and has recently been my favorite places to meet blogger friends. It's funny because Rumaanah and I had bonded over our love for this place so much that we decided that when we met for the first time it would have to be here and we had the loveliest chat over the worlds TASTIEST salted caramel brownie, I still dream of that brownie. 

Where: 19 Beak Street

The Life Goddess:
This was somewhere I stumbled upon with a few friends from church this Sunday that just went by and I fell in love very quickly. I mean can we just take a minute silence for the aesthetics? Little tomato plants on your table as you sip away at your coffee? Yes please.

So this entry doesn't fully count as it's a restaurant but after visiting I couldn't not add to the final cut. It's just around and down the corner from the Dominion theatre and the food and dessert looked as amazing as the latte tasted if I do say so myself. I'll definitely be going back to try the food, as well as their cappuccino freddo which looked out of this world. Their drink presentation was everything, even when it came to their tea.

Where: Store Street WC1 E7BS

top: h&m
trousers: bershka
shoes: primark

let me know your favorite places to go for coffee & if you visit any of the ones I listed.
until the next post,
with love yossy.

What's your opinion?

  1. YES this is my kind of content! I love Kaffiene, especially how they have magazines you can borrow.
    Monmouth does amazing coffee but it's not really a place where you can sit and chill. I also like the Espresso Room in Holborn/New Row (the New Row location is tiny though so it's hard to get a seat). The Monocle Cafe, The Cafe at Foyles, Nordic Bakery, and Rapha (mainly a cycling store but they do good coffee!) are my go-to's if I wanna sit and relax too.
    Also, I love that top!

    Belle in Black and White

  2. This makes me want to do a coffee shop tour of London! All the lattes look incredible

  3. What a great post! I'm a blogger and freelance writer and I'm always looking for coffee shops to work from!


  4. These places sound perfect for a coffee date or a quiet place to work on blogging, and look very Insta-worthy! I can just imagine how lovely the matcha cake with white chocolate icing must be at Timberyard. I'm hopefully going to London at some point in September so I'll try to visit one of these cafes! Thank you for sharing your recommendations with us ☺️

    Blushing Lately

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