A Day in London, Soho.

 So, if you read my last blogpost or you know or follow me, you would know that my sister and I have a ritual, where we wake up at the crack of dawn so that we can venture out into central London for the day.

For the first time EVER this time, our day out did not start with pancakes at an instagramworthy restaurant or café, well it was meant to but after spending fifteen minutes trying to find Workshop Coffee Co we gave up and instead, rather glumly might I add, settled for Pret A Manger which was still great as I got to try my first ever acai bowl.

But you won't guess what happened next though.

 After about ten minutes my sisters begins to laugh and I ask her what she finds funny, pointing to outside the window she tells me to look and to my surprise Workshop Coffee Co was just across, staring us right in the face the whole time!

The next part of our day consisted of us visiting one of our favorite coffee shops on Carnaby Street, Soho Grind! 

 If there was one place I had to tell you visit for the rest of my life it would definitely be here! I don't know what I love most, the coffee, the staff, the fact that they play Drake or the ascetics? Either way, when you come to Soho Grind just know your visit will consist of good vibes, smiles and amazing coffee.

The last part of our day and definitely the messiest but tastiest was a trip to Chinatown to try taiyaki ice cream courtesy of a place called Bake! If you love matcha as much as my sister and I, you would definitely love this! The ice cream is matcha flavored but to me it also tastes a hint like white chocolate, which made it taste even better.

My relationship with this ice cream was a love/hate one as it tasted to good and made for great pictures but melted so fast and left my sister and myself, a mess!

Let me know some of your favorite places to visit in London as my sister and I are always on the hunt for new places to visit!

What's your opinion?

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