Dashiki For The Win

Why, oh why have I only waited till now to take advantage of my family members offering to bring me clothes back from Nigeria? No seriously, why?

 All thanks to the idea of having an African print prom dress (which by the way, won me prom queen, just putting that out there) I was also brought back a dashiki, which I have come to love a great amount.

The thing I love the most about dashikis is that they are so easy to create an outfit with! For this outfit I decided to throw on a pair of my favorite biker jeans and my favorite pair of boots which I share a love / hate relationship with.

The colors are loud, bright and in your face, which is perfect for summer! Also, another amazing thing about the dashiki is how light it feels on your body, especially with the constant waves we've been having, the dashiki is perfect as it feels you feeling airy and light as a feather.

Dashikis come in all sorts of patterns and colors however, I decided to go with this one as my wardrobe can do with some more color and I definitely don't regret picking this one out of the many my mum brought back as I've worn this nonstop since first trying it on and I don't plan stopping anytime soon!

Just like a LBD, I think that dashikis are a must have when it comes to summer. My dashiki is definitely one of my summer staples this year, what's one of yours?

Jeans - Boohoo
Boots - H&M
Bag - Marc B

What's your opinion?

  1. Hi! Its Sakura from depop :) Do you have a bloglovin? Also, love this look ;)


    1. Hello!
      Hope you're well Sakura? Sorry for such a late reply! I do, still trying to learn how to use it haha https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/future-losers-club-16973221 there's my link I think? Thank you so much for the lovely comment!
      Wishing you a lovely week!

  2. Ugh, this just made me really ant a dashiki, I need to get one when I go back to Nigeria because you just made it look so laid back, cool and classy at the same time. Your style is on point!

    1. AH thank you so much lovely this has made my day! Definitely get one! I swear I wear it every other weekend, slightly obsessed? Possibly? Maybe?
      Hope you have a lovely week!

  3. YOSSY i love your blog! I mean not just your fashion sense, i love how well maintained, clean and neat this design looks. It does give the feel of belonging to a fashion expert.


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