Top 3 Breakfast Spots in London

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and just possibly the most instagram worthy meal of the day.

My sister and I take our breakfasts very seriously when taking trips out to somewhere in London. In fact, we take it so seriously that we'll stalk London foodie isntagram accounts and till we agree on one that has the food, lighting and location.

1. The Breakfast Club

Just like the film, it was love after the first few seconds. 

Everything from the upbeat staff, portion sizes, lighting and music, was perfect. In fact it was so perfect it was almost sickening.  I'm yet to finish a breakfast at The Breakfast Club even after three visits, I still haven't been able to conquer the delicious, syrupy breakfast placed before me. The portion size at first sight may put you off but I guarantee, after the first bite, you will not be able to stop yourself until your stomach finally reminds you that sometimes its okay to take a break from the food to breathe.


If I could give an award for the worlds best pancakes, it would definitely be to CHAI KI. 

The funny thing is CHAI KI isn't a place that my sister and I had stalked down or heard about. On this day we had actually planned to take another trip to The Breakfast Club but the queue as always was crazy long. So we decided to try the neighboring place for breakfast which happened to be here. 

The staff here were so smiley and constantly asking if our meal was okay and whether we needed anything else, which made our experience even better. The portion sizes were perfect! Enough to not make you feel sick afterwards and enough to keep you full.

The place was just so beautiful I didn't want to leave.

3.  Bill's 

If I recall correctly, Bill's was where my pancake love affair began.

Fluffy, soft, warm pancakes, every single time! Bill's are yet to let me down because every time we visit, the pancakes just seem to get better! Also, thanks to Bill's I was able to experience my first ever ice cream float which was just as delicious as the pancakes. The thing that I love about Bill's other than their pancakes is how cozy you feel from when you step in till when you finish your meal.

If you love peanut butter, chocolate and french toast, Definitiely try Bill's french toast because I swear on all the french toasts I've had the pleasure of consuming that, Bill's french toast is the BEST french toast ever!

Not a crumb was left that day.

What are some of your favourite breakfast stops?

What's your opinion?

  1. This has just reminded me I need to go back to the Breakfast Club! The portions look huge in your pic haha.. Have you tried the Bloody Mary's there? they are amazing! I defo need to check out the other two places you mentioned in this post the pancakes look heavenly!



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