My University Experience So Far

I should probably start off by addressing the elephant in the room...where have I been? The build up to my first year at university, work and settling in has been what my life has consisted of these past few months.

If I had to sum up university so far in a word it would be: an experience.

It's been a positive experience (new friends, independent, new beginning) but there's been the negative experiences too (hacking and fraud on my paypal and my phone and debit card being stolen) but all in all I wouldn't change a thing.

University for me, has been the biggest learning experience. I've learnt so much about myself as a person, others and about life. It's well and truly been a wakeup call, one that was really needed. No amount of 'uni experience' youtube videos could have prepared me for all the all nighters, drama, lack of sleep and lack of financial stability I've experienced in my first three months of university.

Psychology so far as a degree has not been as fun as I'd hope...let me not lie to you. Lab reports? Statistics? The biggest pains ever! I just about passed GCSE maths so you can imagine how I'm fairing with statistics so far (terribly le cry). Although I can happily say I am enjoying my applied psychology module, so that's great right?

I went into university certain I was going to join society after society, make rounds at fresher's fair, go to a fresher's event every night and certain that I wasn't going to miss home but I was wrong about all these statements.Very wrong. I haven't joined any societies, I lasted about 5 minutes at fresher's fair, out of fresher's events during the two weeks I probably went out 3 times and homesick doesn't even cover how I felt during the build up till Christmas.

Going into university, I was more worried over the flatmates I would end up with than whether I would make friends because luckily for me, friends from primary as well as secondary school had messaged me on results day informing that we would be reuniting at Essex. Luckily for me unlike some people who would describe their flatmates as 'flatmates from hell' mine are far from that, in fact they're the literal opposite. The 11 of them are the best things to happen to me for different reasons. You know when you meet someone and you click with them right away? That's how I would describe my friendship with them and people I've met on my course. It feels like we've known each other for ages and I just can't imagine my life without them.

The workload has almost killed me many times but each tine I somehow survive (willpower and lots of it).

But here's to hoping that 2017 will hold less challenges, nothing but positive experiences, bigger achievements and successes.

Oh and by the way, whoever told you that university is easier than A-levels is lying.

With Love Yossy x

What's your opinion?

  1. Your article is bringing the old memories..its reminding me of my university days..These was too much fun and happiness these..Thank you very much for sharing.Keep posting.

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