19 Things I Want To Achieve By 20.

Seeing as my 19th birthday is just around the corner (April 1st, I know of all the days right?) I thought it would be a nice idea to share with you guys, 19 things I hope to achieve before I'm 20!

1. Pass my first year!
I would like to pass my first year of undergad psychology with hopefully a 2:1 at least.

2. Go To Morocco!
I would like to visit Marrakesh with my family and do the following: visit a spice market, ride a camel, visit the desert and stay in a riad.

3. Spa day, all day!
 Treat myself to a spa day, this is something I've wanted to do for the longest but every time the idea appears in my head I think to myself, is it worth the money? When really I know it will be one of the most amazing experiences ever and boy is my body full of pent up stress!

4. Go to a festival! 
I've always dreamed of going to a festival and wearing glitter on my face as the sun shines down and I loose myself in the music.

5. Get my charity project underway!
I decided to put words and thoughts to action with a charity project that I had on my mind for months maybe even years? I hope to provide care packages for homeless people and I finally set up a JustGiving page and have raised £140, now its just a matter of making the packages and delivering them.

6. Work out what I want to do with my psychology degree!
There are so many different jobs that I want to do when it comes to the field of psychology! I can't decide whether I want to be a clinical psychologist or forensic psychologist? Clinical psychology is where my love of psychology began but it's so popular. Forensic psychology is cool and different but am I made for prison?

7. Work on my cinematography!
Travel videos and cinematography is something I've recently got into and I would like to give it a try especially during my travelling adventures so that I can keep the videos for memory!

8. Go to at least three concerts or gigs!
After going to a Kehlani concert earlier this month with one of my best friends I realized just how much I love the atmosphere and the people you meet at concerts! Most nights I find myself wishing I could go back to that night, if only.

9. Grow my blog followers and Instagram followers!
I've become more serious with my blog this year and I would love to grow my following base and for more people to see what I blog about especially my posts about things I've learnt so that it can hopefully help someone out there in someway.

10. Visit Austria again and ski!
Whenever people ask me what my favorite trip I've been on is, I will always say my skii trip to Austria with my school. Skiing was such a fun experience (especially when my friend crashed into me and I ripped my pants in front of everyone) and let me not forget all the different types of milka they sold there!

11. Get out of my comfort zone!
I always think to myself 'how cool would it be to try skydiving or try surfing' but that feeling of how 'cool' it would be lasts for seconds before the panic of what could go wrong sets in. One day I'm going to say 'to hell with it' and just go for it! Is life worth living if you don't make crazy memories?

12. Practice my Spanish!
I say this one every year but do I go ahead and do it? Nope. But since I am hoping to do my year abroad in Madrid I guess I'm going to have to start putting the little Spanish I remember into practice,

13. Be consistent with my blogging!
I've done pretty good so far this year with my blogging and I'd like to keep it up because I love how lost I get when I'm typing away sometimes and knowing that people can relate to things I've said or that people like what I write about.

14. Attend a blogger event!
There have been many opportunities for me to attend blogger events but they always tend to be at bad timing, whether it be because of exams or I'm not in the area at the time. I'm now determined to go to one and meet and make blogger friends.

15. Read more!
When I was younger, you could find me with a new book in my hand every two weeks but now...if its not a textbook for my course you won't find me reading at all. I miss the feeling of getting lost in a book and looking at the time to see that two hours have already passed.

16. Take more pictures!
I take a lot of pictures in general but not with friends or family or of myself really, so when the year is over and I want to look back there's never much to look back on.

17. Adventure out into the united kingdom!
There are so many places that I want to visit such as Cornwall, Brighton (again) and many others, these places are literally on my doorstep but yet I'm not taking advantage of these opportunities.

18. Take myself out on a date!
I know it sounds weird but sometimes I wish I'd spend more time with myself, does that make sense? I'd like to enjoy my own company more and know that I don't need other people around to have a good time, I can depend on myself.

and lastly...

19. Look after myself more!
I don't think that I take care of myself enough and I mean in ways such as having a skincare routine, watching what I put into my body, not drinking enough water and excersing. Essentially you could say I need to turn the notch up on my health habits!

I know not all of these may seem possible but these are some of things I hope to achieve.

What's one thing you hope to achieve before your next birthday?

Until the next post,
With Love Yossy x

What's your opinion?

  1. I love this!!! Good luck on making your goals a reality! I'm just trying to get my natural hair regime in order I recently went natural and I'm just learning so much! Hopefully it works lol

  2. Good luck with your goals! I hope you get to go to a blogger event they are amazing, and so great for making friends xx

  3. Wow, this is a fab list and it's definitely achievable! I love the idea of taking yourself out on a date - I think I may need to make a mental note and do that too. I hope you keep us updated on your progress with this list!

    Olivia - The Northernist x

  4. Such a lovely idea for a post and a healthy way to set realistic goals! 💛

    Ps. I wish I could speak Spanish x

  5. I love it!!! I really don't like going alone for dates, so that's out of the question for me. But I love to give myself presents. Afterall, self love is the best love!

  6. The months seem to be flying by, I'm 20 next year and I've got such a long list of things I want to try out. Lovely post, good luck with making your goals happen!!xx


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