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We made it to our second ever blog event guys! Whoo! And boy was it a good one. On Thursday I attended an Essex bloggers event that was hosted by Island Stories and there are so many reasons why it was amazing.

Reasons why the event was amazing:
- The food was mouthwatering
- I got to meet a blogger friend
- Prosecco (how could I not list it?)
- The atmosphere

We were welcomed to the event with a glass of prosecco (is there a better way to be greeted? I think not) and then had the chance to mingle with other bloggers and Island Stories' chefs and founders Devon Ricketts and Ikram Naim, who were both so welcoming and friendly! Devon comes from Jamaica where he draws inspiration from the country's culture, as well as his grandmother. Ikram Naim who is Island Stories managing director comes from the amazing Island of Sri Lanka.

Island stories is a catering company based in London and Essex and boy did their food have me wishing I could hire them to feed me constantly for the rest of my life, breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, you name it, I want it. 

For starters (as pictured above) there was a choice of canapés (of course I tried each one at least once). The choices were: breaded tuna with chili coriander jam, smoky aubergine and feta tart, quiona and fresh coriander cake, and beetroot cured salmon and dill crème fraiche . Don't the names just make them sound good enough to eat?  I wish I could let you taste the tuna virtually because my mind and taste buds were completely blown!

For dessert we had chocolate delice with fruit jelly and lemongrass panna cotta with mixed berries compote. Have you ever taken a bite of something and then literally gobbled it down because it's so refreshing? That was me with the panna cotta. 

I would say that this event counts as my first time eating 'fancy' food and if I could afford to eat like this all the time I would. It's like you can taste every ingredient used. I sat there with my friend Sonia and we sat there tried to point out different things we could taste after every mouthful. 

One of the bowl foods I was able to take a good picture of was the wild sea bass, artichoke, preserved lemon, asparagus and fresh peas. I'm not a massive fan of fish, I've always been picky, I like to stick to my salmon, tuna and haddock. BUT, after tasting this sea bass I can now say I've become quite the fan of fish.

And don't even get me started on the mini cheese burgers with tomato relish and sesame brioche bun, holy moly.

The name Island Stories orginates from the fact that Ikram and Devon are two Island  people who moved to another Island, Great Britain. So if you have future events/weddings/parties coming up I couldn't recommend them enough!

What's the nicest thing you've had to eat?
Until the next post,
With Love Yossy

What's your opinion?

  1. Ohhh all this food looks incredible! Panna cotta is one of my favourite deserts ever! I love to have it with some raspberry compote it's a great combo!
    PaleGirlRambling xo

    1. I can see why it's one of your favorites, holy moly it was so good!x

  2. Every event should start wth a glass of prosecco! Those canapés all look heavenly! How did you find out about this event? I need to find some blog events in my area and have NO IDEA where to begin!


    1. Right?! Best way to start. I found it through twitter by searching the hashtag essexbloggers as there's where I'm living part time for university and they were seeking bloggers to come so I tweeted about my interest. Fingers cross you find some soon because they're so much fun!
      With Love Yossy x

  3. Oh my that food looks amazing. It would be worth attending the event just for that, Chloe #TeacupClub

  4. That dessert, oh my goodness, how delicious. It sounds like a lovely event.

  5. Love the pictures!
    my blog - <3

  6. UGH, all of this looks so delicious!xx

    mia //

  7. The food sounds heavenly! I can never say no to mini burgers I find them very cute! It sounds like you had a lovely time at the event :)


  8. Here you go, I am hungry all over again! It looks delicious! these mini burgers... yum! xx corinne


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