Ruffles & Culottes

I said that I was going to do more  OOTD posts on the blog and I'm killing it guys, no?

I've had a real obsession with ruffles lately if you haven't noticed recently on my instagram. Also, I finally purchased my first pair of culottes, can we just take a moment to celebrate! I wondered when this day would finally come and here it is.

So I haven't got posing down to a T but we can all agree the ootd posts are getting better right? 

Since buying my first bardot ruffle top from Bershka, I just can't seem to stop! How could you not like them?They make every outfit look more dressy and they're so easy to pair with anything. This is one trend train that I have no regret jumping and don't plan on jumping off anytime soon. 

Culottes are a summer wardrobe staple for me now that I've experienced them. They are perfect for when you want free flowing clothes that are comfortable but fashionable at the same time. Definitely going to be ordering a lot more in different colors and materials. 

However, am I the only one who feels like culottes make them look shorter?

One other thing I've been loving and will be rinsing out this summer is hoops. I haven't owned a pair of hoop earrings in yoinks! I haven't gone a day without wearing them since they arrived.

Now excuse the awkward leg poses throughout but how cute are these heels from tReds? So happy to collaborate with them on this blog post as I've been loving low open toed heels at the moment (I have the same ones in black) they're perfect for giving casual outfits a kick.

Also, how gorgeous is this watch? I also am so thankful to Time Chain for collaborating with me on this blog post. Their watches are so beautiful and it took me forever to pick one as I loved them all. My first watch I own and I'm so in love it, it's so easy to put on and take off and the size is PERFECT on my wrist (p.s. they're super affordable).

This is the first set of ootd pictures I've taken at university and one of my best friends were kind enough to take the photos and I couldn't be happier with how they turned out. I'm finally beginning to feel less awkward in front of the camera and with some of my favorite songs playing while shooting, how could I not have fun taking the pictures?

Top - Boohoo
Culottes - Boohoo
Hoops - Aliexpress
Bag - Missguided
Heels - tReds 
Watch - Time Chain
What is your summer wardrobe essential for this year?

Until the next post,
With Love Yossy x

What's your opinion?

  1. I'm so glad Ruffles are having their moment atm it's really getting me excited to update my summer wardrobe.. I really like every aspect of the outfit and it looks so effortlessly cool all styled together :)


    1. Right? So glad that it's a trend, they're just amazing! Thank you so much lovely!
      With Love Yossy x

  2. You look absolutely amazing in culottes! They're a firm favourite in my wardrobe anyway. Can't wait for more outfit posts because this is providing me some major wardrobe inspiration!

  3. Oh my gosh you look stunning! I have a thing for ruffles too, so I had heart eyes when I was reading this post. Those heels and watch are super cute too, and I've never heard of culottes until I read this post.

    And that thing about being awkward in front of the camera... Well done for making the first steps! I'm still a bit wary taking photos in public and have settled by doing them in my back garden, and I never thought of playing some music while I do it. That's a great idea!

    Can't wait to see you do more outfit posts in future.

    Lizzie Bee // Hello Lizzie Bee

  4. You look absolutely beautiful. I'm honestly in love with this outfit. And your hair is goals. Sooo pretty! xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  5. This outfit is so on trend and suits you so well - you look beautiful! :)

  6. A beautiful look, I love ruffles in the summer! 💜

  7. Wow! You look amazing! I wish I suited culottes! Also so in love with your heels! xo

    Hanney |

    Loving the ruffles!!!

    Vanessa xxx

  9. I just had to stop and say you're so beautiful! And you have killer style! Have a great weekend! x

  10. This is such a gorgeous outfit! Wish I could pull off culottes! xx

  11. You look so lovely! I am loving those heels girl!!!

  12. Gurrrrl you look amazing!!! love love love this outfit - the blouse is lovely and you've made me want to whack out my hoop earrings again! Also love the editing. Great post. xx

  13. You are so beautiful!! Absolutely loved these outfit photos, you're such a pro at them. I'm terrible taking outfit pictures haha. I love a bit of ruffles.
    Holly x | |


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