Stripes 2.0

Hello my lovelies, as per usual, I lost my mojo to blog the moment I arrived back to university for my final term of my first year. Can you believe how fast time has gone by?

The last ootd post I did included stripes so its not hard to see why this post is called stripes 2.0, that and I'm not that creative (#sorrynotsorry!). Outfit of the day posts are something I'm trying to post more of this year and I'm not doing the greatest job but never fear, I promise you this summer my blog will be flooding with them!

The summer outfit planning has already started, if you've been watching my instagram stories you would have seen sneak peaks.

This outfit was inspired by the nail wraps sent to from Jamberry (thank you!) if you couldn't tell by the fact the stripes are co-ordinated.

The wraps were so easy to apply. Once I had painted my nails white, all you have to do is pick the wrap you want to use, cut it down to size, peel it off using the stick provided and heat it up for 3-5 seconds (I used my mini bedroom heater for this). When the wrap is flexible you place it on the nail of choice and once you're happy with the placing you apply heat and pressure to the wrap again to make sure it's molded with the nail.

Here's a nicer picture of the finished look, how good do they look? I think this is my favorite shot I've taken for an outfit post. If my instructions don't prove helpful they have instructions and a video on their website which helps break it down!

This t-shirt dress is one of my favorite purchases but curse my long legs for constantly making me feel paranoid that it was too short which resulted in me tugging on it all day as I wandered around Central London.

After popping into Primark for a quick browse, I found this beauty of a bag which I've already started to rinse out in all my outfits (you'll see what I mean in future outfit posts) for around £7, oh and the sunglasses too! Get ready to see all these items recycled through my future summer outfits.

Denim Jacket - Vintage Fair
T-shirt dress - Missguided
Bag - Primark
Sunglasses - Primark

What's a summer outfit staple for you?

Until the next post,

With Love Yossy x

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  1. Really into this look! This dress looks amazing on you!


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