The kind people over at Anatomicals UK were so kind as to send me some of their products to review and if you know me, you know that I'm constantly on the look for new products that will help with my skin as I suffer from acne prone oily skin, hence the reason why I decided to pick so many face related items.

So lets talk face masks and scrubs.

Hawaii five-glow tropical hydrating face mask: So I actually had this face mask on yesterday as I began to type this blog post. The thing I loved most about this and the other face mask is that Anatomicals face masks don't dry like your usual masks, it feels more like a cream has been left on your face and boy was that a nice change from the usual ' holy moly my face is so tight, please don't make me laugh so my mask doesn't crack' feel. 

This mask left my skin feeling soft and moisturised  after washing it off when usually, after washing off a face mask my face usually feels dried out and not that soft.

The hottie tottie is never spotty face mask: This face mask if you couldn't tell by the name already is meant to help with spots (bingo just what I needed!) this mask really helped keep my skin from flaring up as I used it around the time my time of month was due. And usually my skin flares up with pesky spots but not this time! Anatomicals 1 - Mother Nature 0, oh yeah!

"Get outta my face dirtball!" face scrub: Did anyone else use St Ives apricot face scrub when going through their severe acne stage? Well this face scrub reminded me of just that...but better. This mask wasn't harsh on the skin, you could feel it getting deep into your pores but it didn't hurt my skin as I exfoliated unlike some face masks which can be too rough on skin.

Some of the other things I loved about their face masks it that you can get more than one use of each pack, also all of the masks smelt lovely, bonus right? When the face mask smells good it's always a bonus when it comes to the relax and wait part!

As you can tell I'm having the time of my life whilst waiting for my face mask to dry.

So another thing you'll know if you know me well is that I'm not the biggest lover of citrus scents in the world. Now you're probably wandering why I'd go for this body scrub? Well, I've recently grown a strong love for grapefruit scented things and this is EXACTLY what this body scrub smells like.

I really enjoyed this body scrub because the scent of the scrub was still on my skin after washing it off and it didn't leave my skin feeling greasy like some scrubs do, has anyone else experienced that?

Lastly the cleansing pads with exfoliating glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is meant to improve texture and health of skin, also it is meant to decrease acne breakouts. I added these cleansing pads in with my night routine and they were great for 1. making sure that my skin felt and was squeaky clean after washing my face, 2.making my skin feel softer overall and lastly decreasing the amount of spots I usually suffer during my period. 

Overall, I am super impressed and amazed with just how much I'm in love with Anatomicals products because usually all the beauty products I buy don't work well with my skin and leave me feeling disappointed and robbed. 

I mean how could you not love Anatomicals products, HELLO? Have you seen their packaging and the name of their products? They bring fun and color to their products and I'm so here for it. 

Have you tried any anotmicals products?
Until the next post,
With Love Yossy x 

What's your opinion?

  1. I have heard so much about this brand! And read so many posts! Only positive things so far! I have never tried the products but I would really want to! xx corinne

  2. The Hawaii five-glow tropical hydrating face mask sounds right up my street, i have dry skin and really don't like when masks dry my skin out further.. I haven't tried anything out from this brand before but all their products sound great


  3. I NEED to try these, I keep seeing them everywhere and I'm such a sucker for face masks. Gotta try them after reading this now, thanks for sharing! x

  4. I'm really loving that vintagey style to your photos in this post! I've never tried this brand, but they sound great!xx

    mia //

  5. Ooh I didn't know they were doing glycolic cleansing pads too! I'm on a mission to get every brands version to decide which one I like best. Thanks for the tip! :)


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