Change Is Good

It's something I didn't know too much about when I first started doing it, I didn't know much about the blogging community, or how to blog 'properly' if that makes sense. It wasn't till having my blog for over a year that I started to realise there are a lot of aspects that I didn't quiet like about blogging when it came to my experience.

same old, same old.

I've noticed that there can be a lack of diversity in the blogging community. I feel like to 'make' it as a blogger sometimes you have to fit a certain niche. Its almost like you have to wear what's branded as the latest trends, buy clothes from certain brands and own certain things to make it. Does anyone else feel like this? I feel like the blogging world is being taken over by gucci belts and newboy hats. There's nothing wrong with liking and wearing that don't get me wrong but you shouldn't have to feel like you need to wear it too, I've just learnt this. 

I'm guilty of  everything I said above and this is why when people ask me what my style is I tell them I'm still figuring it out because I would just follow trends and its dawned on me that the reason why I never liked how things looked on me is because it wasn't for me, I was trying to dress and look like everyone else. I've finally seen the light that you can wear whatever you want and still make it as a blogger, if it happens that what you like is whats in at the moment go you! and if its not, go you still!

"not every trend is going to be for you yossy". 

I hated taking outfit of the day pictures because I didn't know how piece things together because what I had wasn't what I was seeing online, or if I did buy certain things, once it arrived it didn't look the same as me as it did on this person, or this other person. So I would get mad at myself and my body for not fitting in with what I was seeing online? Cray cray right? This post is here to shed light that on the fact that to be a blogger you just have to have a passion about what you write / wear. 

Blogging should be about you and what you like, care for, enjoy. I was buying and wearing things for the sake of trying to seem relevant. Now I look back at my old posts and cringe at how things were put together or how I tried to force myself to write about the outfits when I didn't know anything about trends, heck I didn't even know why I paired things together, I just liked how things looked. AND that's the way things should be, you shouldn't wear flared trousers and ruffled shirts because that's what others are doing but because you like the two items together. 

So I've recently decided to try and change the layout, my outfits, my posts to suit me and what I like. Blogging started to become a chore for me, I was doing it and saying things for the sake of having content and there were so many days where I felt like I was forcing myself into doing it. I wasn't proud of my blog and engagement just wasn't there. So I've recently changed up my type of posts I've been doing and the change in engagement is crazy, people quoting my post telling me it was a great read? Hadn't happened before and this why I feel more relatable. and more real when it comes to the content I'm putting out.

do you boo.

There's no right and wrong way of blogging. People are going to love you and your blog for your content you post but it's just as in important that you love and enjoy what you're posting because if not? Whats the point? Blogging is such a joy and great creative escape, don't deprive yourself of the feeling of joy when people love what you do and you feel exactly the same.

Individuality is as in as flares are this summer honey.


sunglasess - primark
jumper - primark
bag - primark
culottes - boohoo
trainers - puma

until the next post,
with love yossy x

What's your opinion?

  1. This was a beautiful read. It's great to experiment with different things, you'll be able to sort out what you like and dislike. But being genuine with yourself and your readers is key.

    It'll feel refreshing creating blog posts that are formed out of wanting to create. It's funny, I can definitely feel when a post is forced. As you said, blogging is a joy and a hobby. Not a chore.

    Just being yourself is your wonderful and unique blog theme. Wonderful things will happen when you step out of your comfort zone and show the world who you really are!!

    Kara x

  2. Nice post! I agree, everyone is different. The great thing about your blog is that it is a space that you can create and change how you want and when you feel it. You don't have to follow what other bloggers do. It is more important to find your own voice and express yourself!
    Dora Fashion Space

  3. There's an article on Man Repeller this week that said something like 'maybe style isn't in what you wear but in how you carry it' which is an awesome way to think about it. Just wearing what you like is the best way to go about personal style :)

    I like what you said about blogging should just be about you and what you like. The real fun in blogging is definitely in sharing stuff you like or making something you're proud of and showing it to others. You also get to find people who have similar interests too!

    Your blog layout's looking awesome btw!

    Belle in Black and White

  4. You're blog is so cute, I love the vibe and this post was great.

    Shay xo

  5. Firstly, I'm in love with this outfit, Yossy - so chic and effortless! And secondly, I can definitely relate to everything you've said. When starting out, it's so easy to fall into the trap of wanting to be like everyone who is successful. I definitely started doing that a few months into blogging but soon realised that I just felt like a fraud! I personally love blogs where someone's individuality shines through and they have their own way of putting things together - whether through outfits or flatlays or even the way they edit their photos. It just makes it more interesting and personal! I can't agree more with doing what you love and blogging the way that you want to as, after all, it's supposed to be a fun hobby!


  6. I love this post so much! So relatable, I know how you feel & I've decided to just do me too ✨


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