July for me was a family focused month, with family visiting from Chicago and Nigeria. July was full of a lot of great memories too, so I thought why not do a blog post on what I got up to, what I've learnt, what I experienced.

At the beginning of July I started a new job which has been a wonderful experience but another level of tiring oh my gosh (who knew being a lunch lady was so hard?). I work at a international students residence, where I literally am your typical dinner lady from primary/secondary school. Minus the hairnets and the dresses. It's been a completely different experience from my other job where I work with kids but its been a fun experience. I didn't know it was possible to break 9 nails in one shift and if you didn't too...yeah it really happened. It got to a point where I didn't feel them breaking but I would look down and find two missing.

The job is just for the summer to have some spending money and save before going back to university and its allowed me to meet some amazing people. It's such a nice feeling working with people the same age as you and going through the same thing as you. I was super awkward on my first day because I'm terrible around new people by myself but this job has really helped with me approaching people and just being myself because it was the kind of job where you need to ask for constant help to get by.

So yay for that!

If you didn't know already July was also the month where my family and I went to Liverpool to celebrate my sisters masters graduation.It was my second time visiting but this time I got to wander around properly like Liverpudlian for a few days.

I can't recommend taking a trip up there if you haven't before. Liverpool is such a friendly place with so many great cafes and restaurants to eat/drink (and Instagram) and so many cute places to visit. After having a stressful first two weeks at the new job going to Liverpool felt like an actual holiday, getting the train there, visiting my parents in the hotel, I was partially convinced I wasn't in the UK.

The Pen Factory is where we spent two of our evenings and I fell in love the moment I had a sip of cherry beer there. It was super delicious but it didn't stop there, they do live performances there and my ears were in heaven. I'm sure if you follow my instagram stories, you would have seen my constant spam whilst I was there. Everything was just so amazing I couldn't stop taking videos and pictures to share these moments with you (p.s. I wouldn't recommend peanut butter beer, it does not take like Reese's no matter what the barmaid may tell you).

My older cousin/sister, (Toyosi) came from Chicago to visit and be there for Sade's graduation and seeing and spending time with her has been the best thing to happen to me all year, during this time I was surrounded by so much love and felt so much love for everyone around me. It's moments like this when you're surrounded by family you remember just how much they mean to you and how lost you'd be without them. Also, watching my sister walk across that stage, I've never felt more proud especially since I didn't get to go to her undergraduate graduation.

July also was the beginning of me starting up photography services. I've taken my sisters blog photos for her since around 2013/2014 and in the beginning I hated doing it and it's amazing just how far I've come since starting. When my sister upgraded cameras she was kind enough to give me her Pentax to take photos and I've been doing just fine with it. Photography/ Cinematography has been something I've had such a deep interest in the last two years and something just told me to go for it.

The response has been amazing and I seriously still can't believe people like my work enough to actually book me for shoots and the crazy parts is, people from companies have reached out to have reached out to me for shoots? Lil ole' me with her pentax? Doing this has allowed me to meet some of my favorite bloggers who I would have been to awkward and scared to reach out to and meet and I couldn't be happier.

My goal is to save up and upgrade to a canon, start shooting at gigs as as well blogging and fashion I love concerts and the vibes you experience when at one. In the long run I plan to get my psychology degree but on the side have built a big enough name for myself to do photography full time and travel with it, then who knows, tour with my favorite artists and shoot with them, film video campaigns for fashion brands and shoot for festivals.

Anything is possible in this day and age if you really want something and are willing to dedicate the time to it, I kid you not. Don't sit and let your dreams pass you by, now is the time!

On a last note I just want to thank you guys for the support and kind words lately. I can't even explain how excited I get when people say things like 'your blog is one of my favorites', 'I love your blog' what? Having people who like what you do, are eager to read your next post is such a strange and lovely feeling and has really pushed me to want to continue blogging.

thank you again, from the bottom of my heart.
until the next post,
with love yossy x

What's your opinion?

  1. Sounds like you've had an awesome month! I was just talking to a friend who's been studying there today and she recommended it too! I'll keep the Pen Factory in mind if I visit.

    And definitely go for your dreams! I think building up something on the side now is a good idea whether you want to keep it as a side thing or go full time with it as the job market is crazily competitive. Also you're great at photography so don't give it up!

    Belle in Black and White

  2. I've admired your sister's pictures for years, since I was in high school basically so 2013/2014. I had no idea that you took them, you're so great at photography it's no surprise people are booking you. I was very pleased for you when I saw it all on Twitter. Well, good luck with everything Yossy. This was great to read :)
    Coco Bella Blog

  3. What a positive, awesome month you've had! Your images are fab - I love your style of photography and editing. Can't wait to see what you're up to next.


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