August: New Tries

august new tries.

This sounds better than monthly favorites right? More of a truthful title seeing as the products I mention most of the time have been very kindly sent by brands so my opinions seem more true this way, although if I have said I love a product I do mean it.

Out of all my posts about my favorite products, I think the bad boys in this post are my serious favorites I've wrote about thus far on the blog.

Starting with....

Bio-essence 24k Bio Gold Night Cream:
You read AND saw that right, 24k gold, in a cream, that goes on your face. '24k magic on your skiiin, your skin is going to be popping', get it? On a serious note guys, I was a bit skeptical when I had heard about this cream but after seeing so many good reviews from fellow bloggers I follow I was practically waiting on my postman hand and foot everyday once I knew it was posted.

Over the pass few weeks I've introduced the cream into my evening routine which you may have seen featured a few times on my story. After washing my face and using the pixi glow tonic (which I'm going to talk about later) I apply the cream and seriously, I mean it when I say a little goes a long way. The cream feels amazing on your skin, refreshing doesn't even cover it? Most of the times the creams I use leave my skin just as dry as it did when it was freshly washed and patted dry but this cream makes me feel moisturised and glowy on so many different levels it's crazy? I'm usually not one for having 'staples' of products I love so much that I stick with them but I think, just maybe, this cream is going to change all of that and I mean it.

Reflections Of Me: Makeup Brushes and Beauty Blenders
After going up to Liverpool for Sade's graduation I misplaced my real techniques beauty blender, that beauty blender and I had been through thick and thin. It'd seen me go through and helped me through my worse and best days (rip to a real one) and being the broke student I am, I decided to replace my beloved with a primark beauty blender (don't do it). It did the job but it didn't caress my cheeks with every dab, it felt rather like a slap on the cheek, even when wet.

So very kindly, I was sent some new beauty blenders and brushes to try thanks to the lovely Reflections of Me. Now I thought I loved my real techniques but guys I, hand on heart have never ever felt true love like this until now. These beauty blenders feel like silk against your cheek, I've never felt this kind of softness before? It's literally something that can't be described but experienced. These blenders do their job: they blend and fantastically may I add. Is it sad/weird to say I look forward to dabbing my face with this every time it comes to doing my makeup?

Seriously, if you're looking for a new blender, I couldn't recommend it enough. Same with their makeup brushes. I took pictures before using them because they just don't look appealing once drowned in my makeup residue. 

You may have seen spacemasks taking over the feeds of most of the bloggers you follow and I totally get why, their pretty different from your typical sleep mask. Spacemaks are self-heating eye masks which definitely help with the first step of relaxation. However I did not read the instructions before opening mine.

You're meant to open the pouch and place the eye mask over your eyes in that moment. I however decided to open the packet, take pictures and then try it. The mask should last for approximately fifteen minutes, being the slow person I am at times, fifteen minutes had long passed before I actually realised I had failed to use it right, which till this day really irks me as I've been nothing but stressed this last week. However, simply slipping the mask on and taking a few minutes of the day to centre myself and let my body completely relax was amazing and the mask aided and let this happen so I can only imagine just how out of the world the experience would have been, had I read the instructions beforehand.


Pixi Glow Tonic:
Who hasn't seen or read a review from a beauty blogger/youtuber about Pixi Glow Tonic? This stuff is all over social media and I do not blame people for posting about it, this stuff is made by the gods. Sade was kind enough to bless me with this after raving to me about it for about a year or maybe even longer but I could just never let the cheapskate in me spend my coins on it (why? why? why?)

As I mentioned, I've mentioned I've added this to my evening routine and sometimes morning and it's made a huge difference over the last two weeks with my skin. My period recently left me with one of the worst breakouts I've had in ages, I got the big spots, you know the ones that are just hard and not popable (sorry for the details) and I was just so unhappy so I decided to get my skin back on a routine. 

This has really helped with:
- decreasing the sizes of my spots
- fading scars
- getting rid of dirt that was still left over after washing my face.

Along with the bio-essence cream, this is officially a 'must have for me', once this runs out I will be buying more even though it may seem expensive, your skin deserves the best and this is seriously it. Shout out to pixi for helping a girl with her confidence.

what are some of your favorite products/things you've recently tried?
until the next post,
with Love Yossy x

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  1. I've been wanting to try the pixi glow tonic for the longest time and you've convinced me to purchase it <3

    Lots of love,
    Agnese |


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