How I Take & Edit Photos.

how to take and edit iphone photos

editing & taking pictures.

My photos are something I'm quite proud of when it comes to my blog, instagram and photography. I've been into photography and capturing things for a good three years I'd say and it all started with taking my sisters blog photos as I've mentioned 300 times. But funnily enough I use to hate taking Sade's photos, so much so that I would literally click and pass her the camera back. The photo would be blurry, out of focus, not angled well but I wouldn't care.

But after some time, seeing Sade's blog progress and people comment on how much they loved the photos, I realised that actually it's not all that bad. Also the era of 'hipsters' taking over instagram helped too, I enjoyed the comments, likes, followers that I received because people enjoyed pictures I took and thought were simply 'nice'. Starting a blog helped too, being immersed in the blogging community showed me just how important taking pictures for post can be and my love for photography and editing grew. So I thought why not share with you guys how I take, plan, edit photos for general instagram content and the blog.

Time To Show Your Phone Some TLC:

Some of you already know just how amazing the phone can be for taking pictures of content for instagram or even your blog. Our phones are always on us so why not use it a little more often? I find my phone useful for taking the following kind of content:

- Focus on your surroundings because there are photo opportunities around every corner, especially when you're in central london. I find myself taking pictures of lattes and pretty houses a little too often.

how to take and edit iphone photos

- Find your angles, move around a bit different angles show different things. I tend to take pictures straight on and directly opposite when taking pictures of pretty doors or in museums for example because it equals a cleaner cut for instagram or the blog. When it comes to food or drinks angling my phone from above works quite well because then I can work in plants, some of my outfit, you name it.
how to take and edit iphone photos

- Brightness. This can make or break your pictures but you can fix that. When taking a picture on an iphone if you tap on the screen, focusing on where you want to fix the lighting, a little sun and box will appear. If you want to increase the brightness, scroll up and down to darken the camera before snapping your picture.

how to take and edit iphone photos

apps I use for editing on the iphone:
- vscocam:  I'm sure a majority of you already know about this gem of an app, it's free easy to use and life changing. I use vscocam to edit my pictures for my instagram feed. some of the filters you have to pay for but their pretty cheap if I'm being honest and their not something you'll use once, I've been using vscocam for maybe two to three years? Don't just put a filter on and save the picture, play around with the brightness, add shadows, add grain, that's what makes a huge difference.

apps I use for editing on my laptop:
- lightroom: Can we just have a one minute silence for this more than life changing app. I downloaded lightroom mainly to focus on editing for my photography but once I got the hang of it I decided that I should edit my blog photos on it too and haven't regretted it for a single second yet. Lightroom is harder to use and takes a bit of playing about with but if you're looking to get a bit more serious with your photography then I really recommend it.

If you're struggling for ideas of what to take pictures of for content:

coffees, go to a museum, flowers, mirrored outfit of the day pictures, nice streets and houses.

The key to me is having a keen eye and knowing the type of content you want. Play around with your surroundings and find an editing style that suits you for example my instagram has brown smooth hues with grain added for a older effect.

I've decided to break my this up into a photo series, this will be the first post where I've told you how I use my phone and how I edit. Next will be taking photos at home for the blog and instagram (e.g. flatlays) and tips for your ootd posts.

let me know if you found this posts hopeful and if you're looking forward to the future posts.
until next time,
with love yossy x

What's your opinion?

  1. I'll have to take a look at lightroom! I use VSCO and quite like the aesthetic of my pictures, however, I feel like I limit myself maybe. I always go with the same filter and adjust the sharpness accordingly. It does make everything match nicely but do you think I should be changing my theme and varying my edits? It's just so hard to find the time!

    Meg x |

  2. Lightroom love! <3
    Also that photo of your room is awesome! I love how the edit really changes the mood.
    I look forward to the flatlay tips!

    Belle in Black and White

  3. My blog photos are something I really need to work on. I have so many ideas but when I snap the photo it just doesn't look the way I want it to! I had vscocam but deleted it so I might have to go back to it! Thanks for this post and I look forward to more photography posts!
    With love, Chloe x

  4. Let me complement your work. The colors look great. What color splash effects did you use? Wasn't it photoshop alternative that helped you with that?


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