Dress Wishlist - Floral Edition


Ever since posting my last ootd,  I haven't been able to shake my obsession for floral print and dresses now that I've rediscovered my love for them. As in, if you could see my ever growing wishlist on all my apps, there has been a serious floral takeover, which is why I thought I would try a different post and show you some of my favorite dresses at the moment.

1. Floral Embroided Midi Dress:
The moment I saw this dress I fell in love because I mentally planned not just when, but where and how I would wear this dress, does anyone else do this? This is the kind of dress I would wear on holiday (Spain maybe?), whilst at a beachfront dinner with my significant other (one can dream right?). Paired with black open toe heels and red lippie, this dress is perfect for turning heads. Out of all the dresses this floral dress is my favorite and there are plenty more floral dresses to be found on the website.

2. Black Floral Corset Swing Dress:
With autumn being in full swing my color palette when it comes to clothes is beginning to change. In with the darker tones and out with the bright colors in a sense.This dress ties in two different trends that I'm still loving which is: corsets and frills. Frills add a sense of 'girliness' to every outfit and I think that's why I love them so much whereas corsets help to add shape to the look.

3. White Short Sleeve Frill Wrap Floral Tea Dress:
Can you tell that I'm frill obsessed yet? What I love most about the dress is that it's white which is out of my comfort zone but I'm trying to add more color to my wardrobe. I love how it's been styled on the model with the fedora hat, the only thing I would change is that instead of sandals I would wear a pair of white converse.

4. Amanda Floral Printed Maxi Shirt Dress:
I'm seriously starting to think my love for shirt dresses will never die. Shirt dresses to me are perfect because they're universal. They can be worn during the day and during the night also, they look like you've put in effort to the outfit because the shirt dress does all the work to make the outfit look put together. This dress would go perfect with a pair of heeled boots and a leather jacket to complete the look.

let me know if you would like more wishlist type posts every once in awhile.
*This was a collaborative post*.

until the next post,
with love yossy x

What's your opinion?

  1. I love the first and the third floral dresses. I have never been a fan of floral patterns or designs however these two have completely stolen my heart. Love these!


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