My Favorite Scents.

smelling good,

 is something I obsess with, as in, I'm one of those people who love when people walk pass and you get a whiff of their perfume and think 'oooh they smelt amazing'. I'm constantly changing my scent as there's just so many different scents I like from sweet to floral, to fruity. So I thought I would share some of my favorite scents at the moment. 

1. Dolce & Gabana - The One:
This perfume was given to me by Sade in exchange for killing a spider for her. When I first smelt this perfume years back, I didn't like it much as I thought it was too 'womanly' for me, my preference was in favor of sweeter scents, where this reminded me of something my mum would like.

However this perfume has really grown on me, most of the perfumes I own are 'sweet' but this perfume is more of a floral scent, with top notes bergamont, mandarin, lychee and peach. This perfume is one I wear on special days or when going out in the evening this is because it makes me feel classy when I wear it and like I have more money in my account than I really do, anyone else feel like this sometimes with certain things?

2. LUSH perfumes:
If you know me well you'll know that I had an obsession with Lush products, especially their kitchen products, I would set alarms when they had certain products I love coming out on the kitchen menu. The snow fairy perfume was one of them. I first tried the shower gel (which I still have a 1L bottle of) and knew I had to have the scent in every form possible. The solid perfume is perfect for leaving in my bag and carrying around in case I ever need it. My only problem with it, is that I can't smell it on myself and I'm one of those people who love being able to smell my perfume on myself.

The Rosejam perfume came out a few months back and I debated on whether I should get it but after taking a whiff of my shower gel I logged on so fast to order me one, you wouldn't believe it. I didn't have to give it a second thought. I kid you not, every day I wear this I get compliments. It's a sweet and refreshing scent  (kind of like turkish delight) and is probably THE strongest perfume I've ever worn, one spray is seriously more than enough. I've been told by barristers that all they can smell is my perfume over all the coffee. If that's not enough to convince you, just look how cute the bottle is.

3. Zara perfumes:
For a few years I despised Zara because my mum would always force me to go clothes shopping there with her as a child, monsoon too. It wasn't until  my aunty gave me a zara giftcard for christmas a few years ago I was forced to go back into their stores and to my shock they had a lot of nice things from their bags to their jumpers, I was quite impressed. I'm one of those people who like to try and use every penny of their giftcard at once if possible which is how I stumbled upon zaras perfumes.

Unlike some of their items, their perfumes are very inexpensive, I was rather surprised and they smell amazing too. My two favorites at the moment out all the ones I've tried is 92, champs elysees and dandelion. 92, champs elysees not only smells sweet and fruity but leaves a shimmer on the body. Whereas dandelion is also sweet but smells like candy.

4. Dark Romance by So...?
Okay show of hands, who else brought a can of So...? Spray with them in their PE kit during secondary school? I know I always did, it was between them or Hollister body sprays. My favorite thing about them was that you could always find their sprays on some deal in boots or superdrugs.

The kind people over at So...? were kind enough to send me some of their new scents to try and out of all of them Dark Romance was my favorite. This was also the favorite among my friends when smelling them. Dark Romance smells like violet and vanilla and it's the perfect combination in my opinion. This is my current everyday scent for when I'm out and about. For a body spray, it lasts quite long as well as the perfume. The combination can be bought for less than £10, so what's not to love? You can find their products in: tesco, sainsburys, superdrug, boots, wilko and asda.

what's your favorite scent?

until the next post,
with love yossy x

What's your opinion?

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