Bloggers Guide To: London.


It's paradise for content as a blogger. There are so many different types of places you can visit to get content for your blog or instagram. Living in Hertfordshire, I find myself travelling into Central London every week to take my pictures in preference to taking the pictures in my own back yard. 

Whether you want a street full of colorful houses, graffiti filled walls or pretty white houses with a door step for posing on, London has it covered. So here's my guide for places to visit and what you can get up to whilst there.

Notting Hill/Portobello Road:
I'm sure most of you already know about Notting Hill, its probably the most photographed location when it comes to us Londoners. Notting Hill screams 'summer, pastels and flowers galore' to sum it up for you. Notting Hill is home to Farm Girl cafe also, which I'm yet to visit (word of advice if you're going here, try to avoid the weekend or you may find yourself queuing for awhile). You're likely to stumble across many bloggers whilst there, especially if you go to St Luke's Mews to shoot, which I highly recommend, the place is seriously house goals, I cry with envy every time I'm there.

Portobello Road is also an amazing place to take pictures and visit. The street is littered with tourists, millions of small and independent shops where you can buy all sorts and even more colorful shops/houses. Again I'd advise visiting here during a week day and before 4pm, when I went on a saturday in the afternoon, walking down Portobello Road felt like I was on my way to a holy pilgrimage I kid you not, there were so many of us walking together it looked like we were doing a march.

Old Street/Brick Lane/ Shoreditch:
This ones for you laid-back styled, streetwear-wearing, 90s loving bloggers. Brick lane is the location that 'keeps on giving', there are so many endless places in which you can shoot. Graffiti filled streets around every corner, an endless supply of bright and colorful walls to choose from and even a fence which has hundreds of padlocks hanging from it, the world is truly your oyster when here.

If you're looking for somewhere a bit different to shoot and a place that does out of this world lattes, visit Shoreditch Grind, which is right next to Old St station, their windows make for excellent 'candid' looking out of the window, latte in hand kind of pictures. 

There's also Box Park which is just around the corner from Shoredtich High Street station, if you're looking for cool and new places to eat I couldn't recommend here enough. I treated myself to some soft serve society whilst here at 11am, that's right, 11am. The heart wants what the heart wants. Or better yet, the 'gram wants what the 'gram wants I suppose.

After somewhere for cute coffee shots with the promise of no judgement as you stand and hover over your cappuccino to get the perfect shot? Then Soho is the place for you, with many amazing coffee shops to chose from, you'll be lost for choice, most of which, do cool variations of lattes such as: matcha, beetroot, tumeric and even charcoal. 

Whilst you're there, I recommend popping into Cutter & Squidge, to try one of their biskies, I can't even describe how amazing they taste, with every bite you take I promise you'll fall in love over and over again, you'll try to savour it but then you begin to miss the taste and once its all gone you begin to reminisce over the taste of it, again and again. You can find Cutter & Squidge on Brewer Street along with Lina Stores right next to it which is a sweet looking, vintage feeling deli which has been captured by many 'pretty city london' type of instagram accounts and I mean, can you blame them?

Covent Garden:
Shopping and outfit pictures on the agenda? Pop down to Covent Garden then. The infamous flower bench will await you and so will hundreds of tourists who are also waiting to take a signature picture sitting on the bench. I decided if you can't beat them, join them.

Covent Garden is full of loads of places to shop for example Deciem, for anyone who wanted to buy some The Ordinary products then you're in luck. I recently picked up their full coverage foundation for £5.50 and can't wait to tell you about my experience with their foundation. There's also a lot of cool places to eat for example On The Bab if you like Korean food or Milk Train if you want matcha icream surrounded by a cotton candy cloud.

Here are four of my favorite places that I've loved over the summer, I hope to do a part two of this at some point so let me know your favorite places in London.

until the next post.
with love yossy x

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