Living My Best Life.

'living my best life'.

this phrase has become something I joke about often with friends at university. ordering a cheeky chinese whilst sat in front of netflix, was one of the many times I've claimed to be living my best life. university has given me a lot of time to focus on what I want from life and there's some changes I'm making, so I thought I'd share them with you because I think they're things we could all do to really start out journey to living our best lives.

To Do List:
It's time to finally start getting it together. Well actually, that time passed a long time ago but it's official, no more leaving things till last minute. Pushing my responsibilities, dreams and ideas into a corner has only either made things worse for me in situations or has delayed and deprived me of so many amazing opportunities. I've tried to stick to using a planner to make me feel like I'm somewhat 'in control' of my life and it helps, the feeling of crossing something off is so satisfying. Get things done and out the way so you don't have to worry about them later, procrastination is only fun for so long.

Taking Risks & Living Fearlessly:
Due to my now nonexistent sleeping pattern (courtesy of university) I found myself watching a video at two in the morning and something that was said stuck with me, 'you're not guaranteed to make it to the end of day'. As morbid as it may sound it's true. I'm one of those people who always say 'I can't wait to be this and do that in the future' when in reality, it's not certain that things will end up that way or that I'll get to see this life I've mentally planned for myself.

So its time I start living fearlessly, life is about learning from mistakes and bettering yourself. It's through my mistakes I've become the person I am today. Happiness is relative to your current life and if you're not doing anything to try and improve or live a better life what's the point? So, from now on if I think something is going to make me happy or bring positivity and blessings into my life, I'm going to go for it.

Enjoy the now:
This pretty much links to the point I've made above. A goal of mine is to work hard but enjoy myself along the way. There's no point in working hard and not enjoying your successes. There's nothing wrong with celebrating your achievements no matter how big or small. I've got into the habit of crushing a goal I had and thinking 'alright what's next?', I need to, in a sense 'stop to smell the roses'. I continuously put pressure on myself to do better and try achieve some of the amazing things people my age on social media are achieving when I'm doing pretty awesome for myself. I tend to overthink when it comes to everything.

Praying more, loving more, forgiving more, educating myself, all these things I'm planning to reintroduce to myself because by celebrating me, loving me and working hard for me, I can finally start screaming 'I'm living my best life and meaning it'.

I'm going to kick off my journey to loving me by sharing with you guys just how cute I look in this Joanie dress, which you can find here. I meant it when I said I'm loving floral prints, seriously. If only my body could withstand the cold so I could wear dresses like this everyday, sigh.

I hope you guys are currently living your best life and if not, what's stopping you.

coat - missguided
dress - joanie
heels - primark

until the next post,
with love yossy 

What's your opinion?

  1. What a beautiful post! I can relate to this so much, I'm trying to live my best life right now too! Clare xx |

  2. I totally agree with everything here, we really do need to appreciate and enjoy the present moment. Wishing away time is such a waste. I love your pretty dress, you look amazing!

    Emma xxx


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