New Tries: November

New Tries: November.

I can't tell you how late this blog post is, its seriously been a long time coming guys. But I just had so many deadlines that needed completing, the christmas period deadlines kind of attack you out of nowhere and then all of sudden you have a million things to do, but finally I can share with you some of the awesome things I've been lucky to try lately.

We Are Little's Coffee:
I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I've never been a fan of black coffee, never have never will if I'm honest. I love a good latte (the cooler the art, the better) and flavored coffee, especially caramel. So when We Are Little's reached out to me I was more than excited to try their coffee and the variety of flavors it comes in. I'm that person that once they find something they like, I like to stick to it, the other flavors may sound tempting but I'll stick with what makes me happy just in case the new option ends up being disappointing. 

However, this mix and match box gave me the opportunity to give everything a try depending on my mood at the time and I can admit I wasn't disappointed. The box came with so many different options, I was pretty excited, I mean chocolate caramel, Irish cream, island coconut and maple walnut? It had my heart going into a frenzy! I've bought Monin coffee syrups before to add to my coffees before but I wasn't happy with my lack of choice in flavor every time I went to Tesco, caramel is nice don't get me wrong (its even my favorite) but I like knowing I have the option of choosing which this box allows me to do.

Heck, yesterday I started my day with a cup of chocolate caramel and an hour later I made a cup of coconut island, best of both worlds right? I've also tried other brands of flavored coffees before but I didn't like them enough to buy them again? They didn't exactly taste the same as what was on the label. However, with we are little's the moment you tear of the gold paper, your nostrils are assaulted with a rich and distinct aroma. The flavors definitely live up to the labels and boy have they been getting me through my lab report I've been staying up till 4am to write. 

My favorites are: Irish cream, maple walnut and chocolate caramel. Definitely check out their coffees here, they even have festive flavors!

Image Skincare:
Stress and an unbalanced diet has literally had my skin in the worse condition at the moment. But I've been trying image skincare, for the last few months and I'll be honest their products have been helping to control my spots. They don't stop my spots, or reduce the amount of breakouts but they have been amazing at reducing the size to next to nothing by the time I've woke up the next day. I'm going to blame the constant breakouts on university because that sounds about right doesn't it?

In regards to the clear cell restoring oil-free serum, I add a thin layer to my face after washing my face in the morning and sometimes evening. It helps with making my skin feel moisturized and the face wash leaves my face feeling super dried out and as I have oily skin, that is the last thing I want my skin to feel or else my oil glands will go in to overtime (not cute). Although it moisturizes my skin, it feels matte on the skin? It doesn't leave the same feeling that rubbing in lotion would to my face, I'm guessing this is because the serum is meant to absorb surface oils on the face.

Regarding the clear cell clarifying gel cleanser, I love using this in the evening, especially after using my face wipes to remove my makeup as it leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean. The gel cleanser is a salicylic-based gel cleanser and it helps my skin feel, smoother and look shine free after a long day of lectures. I have super sensitive skin but my skin has no problems with this product, which is suprising as my skin reacts to nearly everything. 

So if you suffer with oily or acne prone skin like me, their skin range is definitely worth checking out. They have different ranges for different skin types so if this doesn't apply to you, still check their website out here, to see what they offer. 

Xtava Pro-Satin Infared Straighteners:
I've never actually owned a pair of my own straighteners, I just would beg Sade for her old pair when she'd receive a new shiny pair, so now at 19 I can finally say I own my own pair, whoo!

These straighteners are not only, good to look at but they work a dream (on my wig anyway). I haven't had the chance to use them yet on my natural hair as I've been using wigs at university as an easy form of protective styling. But when I do use them on my wig when they start to get a bit knotty and tangly, it sorts the wig out completely, the wig goes back to looking like it did the first day I bought it, swish swish. 

At first, I'll admit I was skeptical because of the price being £29.99, I thought, they won't be that amazing, especially as I had never heard of the brand (although my knowledge only extends as far as GHDs and Remington straighteners) but these, especially for the price are amazing. I couldn't recommend these enough, I'm constantly shaking my head after straightening the hair like I grew the hair myself. 

So if you're thinking of upgrading your straighteners anytime soon, or maybe gifting someone a set, definitely click this link here and check them out. 

That's it for things I've tried out lately, let me know what new things you've tried lately and have loved. 

until the next post,
with love yossy x

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