Was a month of new experiences for me. From food to visiting new places in London and being a tourist in my own city. It was probably the best christmas break I've ever had, filled with laughter, smiles and hundreds of memories that were captured in so many different ways.

Starting with food,  I already posted some of my pictures from my pre-opening night event at Turtlebay in Colchester because I think these are some of the best images I've got in awhile. I've never been to a Turtlebay before so having this opportunity was more than exciting to me and having the chance to bring a +1 just made it even better, so I brought one of my best friends with me to enjoy a night of laughter, good food and even better cocktails.

My first general thought when entering Turtlebay was 'okay the lights are super pretty, I can't help but look anywhere else'. I'm one of those people that like restaurants/cafes where I can take pictures of literally everything from the food to the ceilings. The decorations here were beyond anything I had seen in ages and I just couldn't get over how amazing it all was from the lights to the neon signs. Even walking pass the window is enough to make you want to turn back and walk in.

The food was just as good. Please, please, please if you go get the platters, I'm usually one to skip starters and just have a main and go but the patties were so amazing we were quick to ask for an extra. The portion sizes were perfect, the flavor in every meal, immaculate.  But do you know what topped the food? The cocktails. Me + open bar = trouble. My goodness, the staff weren't kidding when they said the cocktails are amazing and with so much choice I tried to make my way through the list. Turtlebay helped me to find a new found love for rum infused cocktails, de-lic-ious.

So if you find yourself in Colchester, or near any Turtlebay, pop in and thank me later.

Of course I did some shoots whilst I was back and it was lovely to meet new bloggers that I've followed for awhile and who's blog I've read before. This of course lead to me discovering new hidden spots in London such as Leadenhall Market which is one of the most prettiest places during the Christmas period.

Sade and I for our mums birthday, took her to Hillsong Carols which was beyond amazing, words can't describe just how amazed and stunned I was throughout the whole production. The vocals, the acting, the dancing, everything! I seriously couldn't recommend it enough, especially for the price of the ticket, if you have the chance next year definitely go! You will not regret it, in fact, the lovely Agnes messaged me about Hillsong one day and I told her about how amazing the Tottenham Court Road service is on a Sunday, her husband and her visited and loved it just as much as me and even went to the carol service too and as expected loved it too! So there you go.

Lastly, thanks to Mortimer's Orchards I was finally able to visit Christmas at Kew Gardens which was beyond beautiful however it was so cold that I literally ran through the trail. As in the your nose is leaking everywhere and now suddenly you need to pee because your bladder is frozen kind of cold. It was a nice alternative for something to do in Central London in Winter from Winter Wonderland. My only piece of advice is get there as early as you can to miss a hoard of people and buggies.

Usually my Christmas break is spent locked up in my room doing nothing of interest so it was a nice change.

Did you guys get up to anything cool during the Christmas break or before going into the new year? Let me know.

until the next post,
With Love Yossy x

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