Give Stress A Rest.


Stress is the one thing I can't but help but attract without trying. You would think we were long lost lovers the way that we continue to continuously attract each other. This year however, I've been handling my stress better, you could say I've finally found some tips and tricks that help me give stress, a rest. 

If you're reading this post I can only assume you're ready to get rid of this clingy ex of yours too that we call stress right? Enough is enough. 

Here are a few ways that I've learnt to cope and reduce it:

1. Remind yourself it's not the end of world and all  your problems you've ever faced, have passed with time:

I don't know about you guys but the moment something spirals out of control or something bad happens I start to think the worst. Every bad thing that could happen as a result, I think of. When I failed an exam my first thought was 'how am I going to pass my first year of university?' and look where I am now, in second year even though one thing didn't go right in that moment of time.

Bad situations are temporary, remind yourself of that. We are so quick to jump the gun and think the worst which just fuels our stress. Instead think of how much worse things could be, most of the times it is a small inconvenience to some of the hurdles that life could throw our way. There is no point working yourself up over something that in a few months time, you would have forgotten about, put that energy that you are using to add even more stress to yourself into thinking of practical ways of fixing your situations. 

I'm not saying don't be sad because we're only human and at the day we all have emotions but don't let it takeover you. 

2. Talk to someone, open up, yes people care about your problems:

Have you ever heard of the saying, "a problem shared is a problem halved"? well I agree with it 100% most of the time I like to really work myself up into a huff, usually to the point where I have cried my eyes out and my head hurts too much to even think about letting one more tear fall. Either that or I'll let my stress eat away at me for a few days until I have isolated myself from everyone.

When I get to either ends of those spectrum, that is when it dawns on me that I need to talk to someone because the build up is too much to handle and it's crazy how hearing someone say just a few words, can calm you down or put things in such a different perspective. Don't think for a second that your loved ones and friends don't care because support comes with the title. We all have our moments where we feel helpless and confused and that's where loved ones and friends with wisdom on our stresses come in. 

They are likely to be able to think of things from a different angle or give you ideas you hadn't even thought about because you were too busy wallowing in the negativity, we've all been there. Pick up the phone, barge into their room, whatever way you can get in contact with someone you know can be useful in your situation or willing to lend a helpful ear, do it. You'll feel better after, I promise.

3. Step away from the situation, focus on yourself, clear your head:

There is no point trying to figure out how to fix something when your emotions are in control because that is going to lead you to making impulsive decisions, ones that you may seriously regret. So, take a minute to focus on yourself, focus on your breathing, your emotions.

If you are not in the right state of mind to deal with a situation, calm yourself. Whether you want to light some candles, burn incense, play some chill music and meditate or run yourself a bubble bath with essential oils, or even dare I say it, stress eat, do it. Any of those is better than making brash and quick decisions that haven't been thought through. I've watched many people (and have done this myself) make impulsive decisions they later regretted and not being able to change what you did makes the whole situation worse.

Take time to think about your options, play each scenario out in your head, make a plan on how to deal with it. When your head is in right place to take action, take charge because if you do the opposite and think to yourself there is nothing to do, it's only going to increase your stress. Put yourself in the right frame of mind where you're able to say:

"I am going to defeat this situation before it defeats me"

4. Just what the doctor ordered:

Of course I couldn't leave out the typical ways to reduce your stress such as exercise, accept the things that you can't change, reduce your caffeine intake, try yoga and make sure you're getting enough sleep. All are simple and probably the first things that people will recommend but their essential, they aren't recommending it for no reason.

Little things such as this can make all the difference in the world.

So here's to a stress free - or should I say a less stressful year.

Earrings - H&M
Pinafore - Primark
Jumper - H&M
Trainers - Vans
Bag - Missguided

Let me know how you deal with stress.

until the next post,
with love yossy x

What's your opinion?

  1. I’ve taken some of these tips on board, I get stressed so easily and its not good for my health! Thank you for such a fab post.

    Heather xo |

  2. stress is a beyotch lol! i found sometimes worrying wont change things and its best not too because its so unproductive but also believe in giving yourself time to have a small pity party 24hrs max! and then its time to work on getting back on top of things!

    hope your not too stressed out this year! - x

    Lavinya Royes - Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  3. I’m actually really bad at opening up, and telling people about my problems, but I’ve just always felt like people won’t care - I’m slowly learning that that’s not the case though, I’m getting there.. 🙊

    Andi |

  4. First of all, love this outfit! Secondly, these are great tips for me since I’m starting spring term later today. Can’t wait to work hard and reach my goals, and I will make sure I do not overthink and stress continuously.

  5. These are great tips and this post is a great reminder, I feel it's the type of post we all need to save and read whenever we feel stressed :)


  6. These are such great tips! I always find some yoga or a nice hot bath with candles and music helps to chill me out when I’m feeling stressed. I love your photography too - gorgeous outfit, you look fabulous! 💖 xx

    Bexa |

  7. I've always been an overly anxious and stressed person. You mention two of the things that I do. I've been exercising 2-4 times a week, and I've also been talking to people who care about me more. At first, I didn't want to burden those around me, and while that's still something that stays on my mind, I still try to talk about my feelings and stuff more often than I used to. Great post Yossy! xx

    Melina |


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