How Blogging Has Helped Me: Body Shape, Being Socially Awkward & Creativity.


I've been blogging for almost two years and it has been an interesting journey. Blogging has done so much for me that I didn't really expect when I first decided to embark on this journey into the blogging world. Its had its ups and its had its downs but overall, I'm so glad I decided to set up my own little page on blogger one day and press publish on my first ever post. 

When I first started blogging I didn't really know what I wanted to write about or what I wanted my blog to be about, I just knew that I wanted to blog about but over time, I've finally figured out that I want to write posts that people are able to relate to, kind of like an open letter where I say everything I want, get it off my chest or out of my head or posts where I've been able to reflect and draw a conclusion, hence 'with love yossy', I'm in a way, signing off my posts.

Blogging has helped me to reflect on the kind of person I am and the person I want you guys to see me as. For so long, I've wanted to come across to you guys as someone who has it all together, who sees the positivity in everything, someone who always seems happy, someone who knows what she wants, someone who is fashionable and always on trend, etc. But, I've come to the realization through blogging continuously that all I want is for you guys to get from my blogposts and see is the real me, that's who I want to be accepted as and liked for.

I've put myself in outfits that don't fit me, fit my shape or outfits that I don't particularly love because I thought they would go down well seeing as the items I'm wearing I've seen big bloggers pull off and it sucks when I look over the photos when getting home and hate them all. I sit there and think, this isn't an outfit I would wear, what is the point? I've started dressing more for me, I've told myself that people who truly enjoy my blog will enjoy what I post because I've  posted it not because it's trendy or reminds them of this person or that person.

I'm a size 14, I have to take my butt into account and my boobs when picking outfits, also my height but I find myself wanting to wear all these outfits that aren't made for my body and I ignore the fact that there are cute outfits that do look flattering and fit my shape because it's not what I see plastered everywhere. Now that I've started coming into my own style and putting how comfortable I feel in a outfit first I think it shows more in my pictures, I come home and I love my pictures, I struggle to whittle it down to just the few for my blog post, I like the way my face looks, my body language isn't off, my smile looks more real?

I've previously struggled with blogging and actually promoting myself on social media because I feared the idea of friends or family laughing at either my outfits, poses and content. But actually, I couldn't have asked for more supportive parents, a more supportive sister, cousins and best friends. My friends are literally the first people to rt my blogposts on twitter and I can't help the smile that grows on my face at their support. My sister always pushes me to do ootds and not to be lazy so I can have more content and without her I probably would have quit a long time ago.

Blogging has helped me realise that if people love you, they will support you no matter what. There is nothing to be afraid of when putting yourself out there and you'll start to realise that when people start to engage with your content, it is all worth it when one person tells me they liked my person because if even one person likes what I post that means the world.

I'm blogging for me not for the people around me, so...who cares what they think at the end of the day?

I've got a big head, full of many ideas. Blogging has helped me with having a creative release, I've got to the point where I now have ideas for blog posts that have me so excited to sit there and type away. I'm proud of what I post and I love putting together ideas for outfits, for flatlays and travel posts. I love gathering inspiration and planning how I want to execute an idea, the whole processes of being a blogger, I love it. It has helped me realize that there are so many things I am interested in going into such as PR, photography, vlogging, cinematography and I'm so thankful for that because they all bring me so much joy.

Blogging has helped me personally with my struggles. I struggle when new meeting people, I'm less awkward if I've had encounters with you on the internet but when I straight up meet new people in situations where I'm not prepared, I'm socially awkward. I struggle so much and literally want the ground to swallow me up but I've got better with that. My first few events I went to I would literally sit with whoever I brought as my plus one and not speak to someone unless they spoke to me first because I was so worried (over nothing if I'm being honest) even if I saw someone I knew and followed. But now I've got over my fear and actually hug people I know, stop to have chit chats in the toilets or even disturb them when I see them shooting in Central London.

Also, blogging has helped me open up more about my struggles and what I go through, I've always known I'm not alone in what I'm going through but its nice to know that so many people can relate. The amount of people who have reached out to me over the last week means so much and those of you who tell me that my film stories make them feel relaxed, make their day brighter or reply to my store where I just put my rambles up saying they can relate, when I get those kind of messages my heart is filled with so much joy because one of my personal goals that I have in life is before I leave earth is to know that I may have made a positive impact in someones life (hence why I'm studying psychology).

outfit details:
espadrilles - ego official
basket bag - lekki market nigeria

So yeah, that's the end of my ramble for this post.
Let me know how blogging has helped you.

until the next post,
with love yossy x

What's your opinion?

  1. This is such a lovely and inspiring post! So beauyifully written too and even in my first month of blogging, I can relate to so many of these points! It’s such an accepting and amazing community to be apart of and it’s really lifted me up! I’m so glad to hear you’re doing well!! Thanks for sharing lovely

    Phoebe x

  2. I love your style and your photos are beautiful. The best way to be successful is to be yourself. Be unique. Bring what they can’t. You’re doing a great job ❤️

  3. These photos are absolutely beautiful! I know how you feel about worrying what people would thing, I'm glad you've got such supporting people around you to keep you going!

  4. Gorgeous photos... It's lovely to read this post as we are so often hard on ourselves. Beautiful style too! X

  5. I'm happy to hear that blogging helped you as a whole! I always appreciate seeing people for who they are - no need to cover anything up. It's great to support others and encourage them to do their best! Go you for doing what you want! Hope you'll continue to grow and enjoy blogging!

  6. I love your posts, and I relate to it so much. When I first started blogging, I didn't know what I wanted to post, or even who was I. I was going through a rough patch in my life, and so blogging has helped me tremendously. It's crazy how much my blog as evolved in almost a year and a half. I'm glad to see your blog evolve too! Great post Yossy xxx

    Melina |


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