Festival season is among us and I think I've waited pretty much all of my blogging life to write a festival related post and I finally have decided to do one. I had so much fun planning and putting together this outfit which is head to toe Boohoo (minus the accessories), bearing in mind I'm taking the Coachella approach to festival season because lets face it, Coachella is about the outfits as well as the music.

I'll be honest, if you know me and know me well, I'm not one for moshpits nor am I one that can stand the thought of feeling claustrophobic, so festivals are something I've feared going to even with a group of friends because 1. my nose is fragile and my blood vessels are always ready to burst 2. I get whoozy very easily in summer and fear one day I just may pass out and 3. I can be slow sometimes and fear the thought of losing my friends in the crowd. Coachella is my ideal type of festival, amazing fashion, amazing acts and a chilled out vibe. But do I have Coachella money? N-o, spells no.

In this post I thought I'd talk you through my ideal festival outfit which is the one I'm wearing here in this post, something a bit different from my usual posts but something I've always wanted to do.

Lets talk accessories shall we? In my opinion sunglasses are the staple accessory when it comes to outfit planning, it instantly racks your sass levels up by times ten and allows you to stare without being caught, seen a guy that tickles your fancy? Stare away. Want to try your chance at being a fashion critique? Stare away. You can get away with a lot more thanks to sunglasses and look fashionable whilst doing so.

I also added a pair of earrings and a necklace so that when the sun hits me, the gold will reflect off the rays and draw you to my outfit instantly, do you see what I'm getting at? Let everyone see how effortlessly chic you are without trying too hard. Another reason why I decided to go with these two pieces of jewelry is because they're the safest options during festival season, a bracelet and ring are more likely to fly off when dancing about and I already know that once I lose that ring or bracelet in the crowd, it will already be gone to me, r.i.p.

In terms of bag, the lighter the bag the better. I love over the body bags because I can sling it on my shoulder when trying to be fashionable but when it's time to look after the content in my bag, I can sling it across my body and hold it securely.

My reason for picking this polka dot frill crop top is because the top is simple but does enough at the same time if that makes sense? It has frills, it's cropped so it allows me to wear my favorite type of trousers: high wasted! It also doesn't have sleeves so your pits can be aired out whilst dancing, swaying and singing the night away. Also who doesn't love polka dots?

These flare high-low trousers are also perfect for the festival season because not only are they stretchy so you can dance as hard as you want but they are so comfy. I don't know about you guys but I have a love and hate relationship with jeans, after maybe two hours of wearing them, I want to rip them off because my stomach is begging for release. With these trousers I can eat and breathe freely without my stomach feeling restricted. Did someone say freedom?

To finish off the look I decided to go for these black cross over sandals, I know risky because people could very easily tread on my toes, which would probably lead to me crying but sandals allow my feet freedom also. After wearing trainers for too long my feet get warm and to me, it's one of the top three worst sensations that someone can experience. I also need to give trainers a break because they are all I live in, its time for me to embrace a summer wardrobe properly.

My inspiration for this outfit was fashion and fupa friendly, comfy yet chic, dance proof yet daring, are you catching my drift? Also student budget friendly, shoutout to Boohoo for always being affordable in my time of fashion needs. You can shop their festival range here, thank me later.

If you could put together your dream outfit what would you wear?

until the next post,
with love yossy x

Outfit details:
(black version as white is currently sold out)
Bag - primark

*post is in collaboration, items being worn have been gifted*

What's your opinion?

  1. Girl you are glowing!!! Everything about this outfit is gorgeous, the bag, the trousers, I’m in love!! And the top is so stunning, I love the frills and polka dots! And I totally agree with the sunglasses, they definitely make an outfit and I do love a good stare through my sunnies! Great post as always!
    Kate Xx https://www.luxekate.com


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