Lets Talk: Giving Up

Giving Up.

On Sunday Pastor Gary talked to us about giving up and the message struck a chord with me, mostly because I had been struggling with adulting. I was ready to give up on pretty much everything that was bringing me joy because it was also bringing me stress.

I was ready to quit my summer job, my internship and photography all in one go because I couldn't handle so much at once and I was doubting my capability. The words 'giving up' has become words I'm too familiar with. The moment anything slightly inconveniences me, causes me stress or anxiety then I immediately think to myself the easiest option is to give up. But Pastor Gary said 'finding ourselves takes time it's a journey. If it was sudden then we don't really get to know a full sense of who we are' and it got me thinking and looking at things in a different light, a more positive one if you will. 

I wouldn't class myself as someone who really likes to fight through things when times get hard, I'm an expert in giving actually. If its not easy then I don't want it anymore, onto the next thing. After sitting in that service I've realised I need to change my approach to things because I'm only putting myself through all these different things to create a better life for me, open doors for myself, to create opportunities and have my name out there.

The sense of achievement and the happiness that washes over me when I have been able to achieve something small is always an amazing feeling but I've never been able to stick it through to see something massive pay off. That is probably why I'm afraid to do so many of the things I want to, it's almost like I'm afraid of commitment.

This summer I planned to give myself every opportunity I can to work on myself and my  crafts as when I'm at university I don't have time to do things to the level I want, I rush things, I forget and become uninterested which I hate because I always start to focus on what I could have achieved if I just committed a bit more. 

"Do not give up on your journey, live your life based on this gospel of Jesus Christ. God will complete the maturing process"

Here's something that Pastor Gary said that I didn't realise and I want to pass on to you, the person reading this: there is nothing wrong with giving up, join the club, just don't do it. Do not pressure yourself to feel like you have to have certain things achieved by a certain time. Good things come to those who wait and when you have achieved the things you have wanted you will be able to say: 'I have fought an excellence fight, I have finished my course. I fought to remain faithful. I decided I was going to stay' (2 Tim 4:7).

When days, weeks, month or even years pass we''ll be able to look back and think about how trivial some of the things that nearly made us give up were. For this to happen we need to develop endurance. Endurance is defined as the ability to endure an unpleasant process or situation without giving way. When times are getting hard, remind yourself of why you are doing something and the end result of it all. If you are able to make it through this situation/this struggle then know you can make it through pretty much anything that area of life can throw at you. Sometimes going through these times are also needed because you can always take something away from each experience, its always a learning curve.

The only way you can truly lose is if you give up.

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