A List Of Things I Think Everyone Should Experience.


They mould us, they shape us and they stay with us for a lifetime. It's amazing how a song, scent or a item of clothing can bring back so many memories rushing back to us. Over this year I've been fortunate to create so many amazing moments with the people around me and also alone, so with you, I share a list of things I believe everyone should experience.

1. Going to a concert alone

2. Finding something you're passionate about

3. Listening to the rain with your favorite playlist on

4. Finding a really good netflix show and binge watching with a friend

5. Rollerskating

6/ Taking a whole family trip

7.Catching up over pretty lattes

8. Hours on facetime with the right person

9. The feeling of your hardwork paying off

10. Laughing until your belly hurts

11. Pushing your boundaries

12. Doing a gym class with a friend that is just as unfit as you

13. Grabbing the girls, a bottle of pink moscato and taking turns to cry about your love lives

14. Learning to make something you love to buy from scratch

15. Going to an art exhibition alone

16. Writing a journal to keep track of your life

17. Staying in a Airbnb

18. Watching the sun set

19. Doing a random act of kindness

20. Finishing a really good book

21.Rock, paper, scissoring over a holiday destinantion

22. Capturing your memories on either a polaroid or disposable camera

23. Doing something you've always wanted to do without fearing the consequences

24. Visiting a church in France

25. Owning a cactus

26. Eating a croissant in France

27. Spend an afternoon in Notting Hill

28. Trying out the different coloured lattes at Farm Girl

29. Having a memorable conversation with a stranger

30. Trying bubble tea at least once

31. Making last minute plans without thinking too much through

32. Going on holiday with a best friend or sibling

33. Finding the perfect pair of jeans that fit you like a glove

34. The feeling of overcoming something you never though you would be able to

35. Falling in love with yourself bit by bit day by day

And that ends the list of the things I have experienced this year that I hope you guys get to experience at one point, let me know your list of things you think everyone should experience, I'm always looking for new experiences to create for myself and the people around me. I hope that September is a month of new experiences for you and amazing memories.

until the next post,
wit love yossy

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scarf - vintage
jeans - topshop
shoes - vans
bag - chanel

What's your opinion?

  1. Such beautiful photos as always, Yossy! I love the headscarf in your hair - it looks so pretty <3 I'd love to visit more places by myself, especially an art exhibition or museum where you can really focus on your own thoughts.

    Milenka x
    Blushing Lately

  2. I loved reading this list! I'm going to write a few down so I can do them - especially going to a concert alone


  3. My '' to do list'' in my life has new tasks ahahah!
    Great post! Have a great day!

    Veronica | https://styleandtellblog.wordpress.com/

  4. Great post I enjoyed reading this
    and Such beautiful photos as always


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