Dear diary - entry 1.

September 11th, 2018
12:58 am.

dear diary,
I thought I would try / find a new way to summarise how life is going for me. I'm happy to say that for my first entry, I can say wholeheartedly that I'm in a good place. September has been good to me and I'll tell you why. It's been a month full of firsts for me, september has been a month full of learning and pushing my boundaries that I previously thought were impossible.

My september started off with me having my first ever magazine feature thanks to Blogosphere magazine, I couldn't quite believe it when I first got the email saying I had been picked from Albertine and I was even more surprised to find that the amazing Ashanti (Adorngirl) had been so kind to pick me as one of the photographers that inspire her. My photography skills are something I constantly doubt, on the way to every shoot I find myself stressing about how the photos will come out before the shoots even happened.

I've spoke it into existence that this will be the first of many features. Can you imagine, little ole' me had a whole page dedicated to her photography? I never would have thought it possible. So here's to many more amazing firsts I thought impossible!

Another first I've experienced this month was talking in front of a group of people. My sociology teacher from secondary school reached out, to a group of  us to ask who would be available to give a talk to current year 12 students on 'dreaming big', telling them about our A-level experience, what we are doing now and our advice/ Public speaking isn't something I have much experience with or enjoy doing if I'm being honest but I decided to do it anyway/

I decided to open up about ending up in clearing, how it took me two years into my degree to realise where my passion lies and it was honestly worth it even though I was shaking the whole way through and my mouth was completely dry during my speech. It was worth it because at the end two black girls came up to me and told me that they are in a similar position that I once was. It felt good being someone they could reach out to for help, being the only person of African descent on the 'panel' I was the first person they felt they could relate to as their parents want them to be someone they don't want to.

So it felt good to reassure them to live their life for them and to figure out their passions early unlike me. Having a role model really can do wonders for you and I wish I had that growing up. Putting myself out there and sharing my story helped these girls, at first I was uncomfortable doing so but it was more than worth it.

That's all I've got to get off my chest for now. I.ll check back in later.

September 25th, 2018
16:28, Starbucks Warren Street.

We meet again.

So much has happened since I last checked in. London Fashion Week was amazing to start with, I had the chance to cover showrooms and party at the W Hotel, me? me. I didn't think I'd be able to secure any opportunities this time around but God really came through. I met so many amazing souls and loads of my favourite photographers and if I took anything from LFW is that, I actually have a gift when it comes to photography. 

I mean look at these street style pictures:

I'm so proud of myself and how far I've come. I've really improved in terms of my anxiety and I've been in a really good headspace currently, so I'm extremely grateful right now. I also finished my internship with Sapphire last week and I'm glad I decided to help them out one last time as I met some more amazing people that are part of the Sapphire family. We had a...interesting experience at Ballie Ballerson and my verdict after going? Once is enough.

I'm moving back to university on Monday and I'm excited. I'm excited to have my own space back, to see my friends and to learn for once?

So here is to having a positive outlook on life for once, am I right?

I don't want to bore you anymore so I'll sign off here. 
until the next time, 
with love yossy.

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