How To Slay & Have Fun On A Student Budget.

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If there is one thing I know how to do, it's to enjoy life with little to no money.

I get asked a lot about how I can afford to go to all the different concerts and events I go to but to be honest a lot of the ones I go to are free. During the summer I was able to see Nadia Rose, Sneakbo, 67, Kida Kudz and Grace Carter for free. Now I'm going to teach you how to do the same, all at the click of a button. Being on trend can be hard when you don't have an extensive budget to keep up but the places I'm going to tell you about, (many, if not all of them you already know) allow me to keep up at a fraction of the price.

Lets start with dressing for the A/W season on a budget shall we?
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Firstly, I just want to thank Boohoo for being kind enough to gift me items for this outfit, also how could I not start with Boohoo when they're the people I order from the most when doing online shopping? 

If you didn't know already Boohoo have a new section on their website called a 'meal deal' and if the name isn't enough to make you go and check it out this instant, I don't know what is . In their meal deal, much like the one you would get in Tesco, you get a starter, main and dessert. The starter being shoes, the main being a dress/jumpsuit and dessert being a bag for £30. That is a night outfit sorted that doesn't break the bank! Boohoo is my favorite place to shop when I'm looking for items that are on trend specifically.

In this outfit the t-shirt dress and bag are from boohoo and can be found in the meal deal section also. They are also offering free premier delivery and exclusive offers if you sign up to their student hub, check it out here: student hub.

Everyone and their mum I'm sure knows about Primark already but I think my favorite time of year to shop there is during the A/W period as the coats, jumpers and shoes they bring out are always amazing. The teddy coat I'm wearing in this outfit, is from Primark and it was £30. Which I know may seem like a bit for Primark to some people, but I met a blogger the other day at an event who had bought something very similar from ASOS for £80.

The coat is cosy, it is warm and probably the best thing I currently own. I believe they have this in pink also and I've seen a cropped version in green (which I may have to go back for when my bank account lets me). So definitely head to your closest Primark and have a nosy.

Bershka + Pull & Bear:
Both of these shops have become favorites of mine very quickly. One thing I love about both of them is that the items in their sale section are actually nice. I don't know about you guys but I find that a lot of online fashion brands don't always put the nicest items in their sale section but I can always without fail find items I love in their sale section. Also I wear a lot of slogan tees if you guys hadn't already noticed and most of the time they're from either one of these stores as they're only like £5.99 most of the time. Affordable or what?

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I've been to 5 concerts so far this year and that's not including the people I've seen for free. I'm going to be seeing Shakka next week for free amongst many other artists I like, all thanks to social media and apps that I was fortunate to stumble upon. I also had the chance to see: Lido, Alma Tala and many others for free but I couldn't make these ones and this is all just to show you how many amazing free shows are out there.

Dice is an app that allows you to get tickets for concerts, gigs, festivals and parties. Through this app I've been able to find tickets to many amazing free events going on in London and also find a lot of new artists that I had never heard of but now love. I've recommended it to so many people I know and each person has loved it.

A lot of you may know about Songkick but I love this app as it allows you to sync with your spotify account so the moment any artists you listen to announces that they have tickets on sale it will notify you every day so you don't miss out when tickets drop. It can also set reminders for you before tickets are about to go on sale and that's how I secured my tickets to see NAO next year.

DM Boot Room:
I was scrolling on facebook when I stumbled across Dr Marten Boot Room. Dr Marten now host a lot of music shows for free with upcoming music artists that they've picked out and if you're fast enough to sign up you can secure a place to be part of intimate gigs they host.

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Now, go forth and starting living your best student budgeted life!

until the next post,
with love yossy.

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  1. I am broke as hell, so this was helpful! Deffo bookmarking!

  2. Oh primark is literally a saviour, all of the trends for such affordable prices!
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