Curating A Chic & Cheap Jewelry Collection


My love for jewelry is something that has only recently developed over the last few years. It would be fair to say I use to hate jewelry but I think it was mostly being forced to wear it whenever I left the house by my mum (love you mum) and not having much choice in what I got to wear when I had to. But now if it's gold, I want it. I'm still working on my love for silver jewelry and bracelets but we all start somewhere right? 

In the spirit of Black Friday I thought I'd share some great deals and my favorite places to shop that are more than affordable yet fashionable. Especially as, I don't know about you guys but when winter comes knocking on my door I pick comfort over fashion so jewelry is one way I can get away with looking a bit more fashionable without having to try too hard.


Jewellerybox were kind enough to let me in on their Black Friday deal early this year and I thought I'd share with you guys my favorite picks and tell you about how they were able to steal my heart with their sweet and dainty pieces. 

Jewellerybox is a brand that I've seen around quite a bit in the blogging community and I've always been in love with their pieces but I've just never been able to whittle down my choices. They are currently doing up to 55% off selected items when you spend over £5 and two of the items I picked are included (f.y.i, wink, wink). 

I picked their gold 9ct gold hoop earrings as I've needed a simple quality pair to replace my earrings in my second ear piercing now that they have healed and I love them. I also picked their 9ct gold flat circle earrings which when paired with the hoops creates a simple but stylish everyday look. Lastly I picked the arrow necklace as I don't own any simple necklaces I can pair with just anything. 

Their jewelry is perfect if you're looking for simple pieces to build / start your collection. The sale is from the 23-26th so make sure you go and grab yourself a bargain! Check out what other stunning bits they have to offer here


How could I not mention my own brand? Over the Black Friday weekend Foaki is offering 20% all items with the code 'BLACKFRIDAYSALE' with a free gift being added to random orders. Foaki is a fusion of my first full name and surname. The reason behind the name and name of most of the items, is to pay homage to the beauty of African names as for so long I've never appreciated or loved the name my family gifted me with because of how much it proved to be a struggle to pronounce to many.

Foaki is gold galore. Anything gold or abstract that you need? It's there but don't just take my word for it. Check out the website here and see what tickles your fancy. Whether it's abstract face earrings or pendant necklaces, there's something on trend and for everyone. 

Some of my other favorite places to shop and where I've built my collection from are: Primark, H&M, Kionii and Time Chain, some of which are also taking part in Black Friday so why not give them a checking out too, I promise you won't be disappointed. 

Happy Shopping lovelies!

until the next post,
with love yossy

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  1. You’re trying to tempt me �� But I love those leopard print earrings omg!

  2. I was like you when I was younger, I was never one for wearing jewellery, but I have become fond of wearing it and will be more than happy to spend my money on it now! This probably started when I first started blogging two years ago. I really do love that cupid arrow necklace, that's the sort of thing I would wear xx

    Lucy |


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