A Christmas Gift Guide For Her (aka yourself).


It's a time of year where we concern ourselves with what to get our loved ones despite having a total of about £13.63 in your bank account. Been there, done that and thank God for older sisters (am I right?). However I decided that my gift guide would be one that focuses on, well ourselves. Christmas is the season of giving and yes I suppose we 'gift' ourselves throughout the year with food and new clothes but do we gift ourselves new memories? New experiences? Or gift ourselves things that could be seen as little luxuries? 

This Christmas I'm encouraging you think about yourself a little, as well as your loved ones. So I put together a few things that I've gifted myself and think everyone should to and I've also been gifted an experience that I think everyone else should to. 

What a tongue twister that was?

Pyjamas from Hunkemoller 

If I'm being honest my nightwear collection consists of pyjamas shirts I've bought from primark, gymwear I do not work out in and my dads old jumpers. Its not something I've ever thought about splashing money out on or even thought about much in terms of quality when buying it but holy moly my life has been changed. 

The kind people over at Hunkemoller gifted me a set and it is the best thing I own. Not only is this set festive, it reminds me of a onesie without having to commit to unzip every time you need to use the toilet. The material is so soft it feels like it was made by angels, no joke. You guys need to experience this  feeling for yourselves. Take that first step forward in changing your life today with your own Hunkemoller pyjama set. They fit perfectly and their size guide is true to its word. I usually have that awkward experience of items either arriving and being too small or too big but not with these bad boys. 

They also sell lingerie if you're looking for a gift that keeps giving (wink), bathrobes, underwear and sportswear. You can see all they have to offer here.

A Polaroid

My polaroid is my baby, my love of my life, my precious even! I take it pretty much everywhere with me when I go out with friends, celebrate birthdays and go abroad. Taking pictures with your phone is great but there is something about having a physical copy of a memory that to me, just makes it sweeter. Printing out pictures is also great but there is something so 'nostalgically' great about the size of a polaroid and the way it comes out. 

I love how every picture comes out different, how the lighting can effect the atmosphere of the photo and how it can really show the complete and utter joy you felt in that moment of time whether it be you goofing around with your girlfriends or in the warm embrace of a loved one. Polaroids capture memories in a special way that you can then either keep in a scrapbook, a memory box or even the back of a phone case.

Concerts & Broadway Shows

Like I said recently on instagram tomorrow isn't promised. We owe it to ourselves to stop saying "next time for sure" when there may not even be a next time when it comes to certain situations and events. There are music artists such as Roy Wood, Partynextdoor, Sinead Harnett and Burna Boy who I've wanted to see perform live for years and I promised myself that if I had the money to go I would. Regardless of if I went with someone or I went alone and that's exactly what I did this year. 

I've lost count of how many concerts I've been to this year maybe 5 or 6? And each one has left me with special memories I'm going to carry with me to 2019 and the year after that and the year after. Those are things I can now tick off my bucketlist. I've also seen Wicked on Broadway three times I believe and I would go again (although I think it's time I see Lion King or maybe give Aladdin a try). Purely based on the fact it brings me joy and I love the production, not to mention the soundtrack. 

I guess what the aim of this post is, is to remind you to 'gift' yourself something that isn't a moment on the lips and a lifetime on the hips or something you will forget because it was all a drunken blur. We deserve good things all year around but also at Christmas.

until the next post,
with love yossy x

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