From Four Walls To A Bedroom.


If there is something my hours sat scrolling on pinterest has taught me, it's how to turn four walls into a bedroom. My bedroom is my sanctuary, I like when people enter my room and it feels just as welcoming to them as it does to me. Since moving out of my family home and moving into my university accommodation I've come to realise the importance of how making a room feel like home can have on your mood, so I thought I would share some simple things you can add that make your room feel more comforting and look every part of aesthetics goals.

1. Prints:
One thing I noticed on pinterest and with a lot of bloggers when seeing pictures of their room was the prints they had and I fell in love with the idea of having loads spread across my desk and walls. Prints are something you notice the moment you enter a room, especially if you hang them on your wall.

Luckily for me the kind people over at Desenio gifted me with the opportunity to pick out some of their prints and frames from their store. Over the year I've fallen in love with abstract figures to the point where I have abstract face earrings and even on my t-shirt. So, when I saw abstract figure prints on Desenio I had to pick it up and add to my collection. I've also started a star sign collection starting with a signet ring and now this print. The print with the different colour blocks compliments the colour of my walls and helps me with implementing a colour scheme better.

Some other great print ideas are quotes and also a map of the world. The reason I say this is because every time you see the quote it will either motivate you or bring you some positivity. Whereas, with the map it will motivate you to save up and explore the world more.

Desenio are having a Christmas sale so this the perfect time to start your room makeover especially as you can get 30% off when you spend anything over £60!

You can find the prints in the pictures here:
Aries star sign
Naked lines no.2
Colour Shapes no.2

2. Plants / Flowers:
Plants. Plants. Plants. I've got to the stage where I have a mini forest growing in my room and I'm not the slightest bit sorry. There is something about walking into a room and having all the green surrounding you that I find comforting? Also, often I like to gift myself flowers (kind of sad, kind of goals I know) to brighten up my room. If you're wondering where to buy yours the answer is: the greatest place in the world, IKEA.

I literally could spend hours picking out plants and pots to match there. If you're someone who is very forgetful or shudders at the idea of responsibility I suggest cactus's or maybe just complete skipping this suggestion.

3. A Full Length Mirror:
I've come to really appreciate my mirror as it's great for not only doing your makeup and checking your outfit looks good but it's great for taking pictures as well. I've used my mirror to take many of my portrait pictures and I will continue to do so. Also, hang some fairy lights around them and at night when you're trying to set the mood, whether you're doing a film night OR listening to your 'in my feelings' playlist, it makes such a different.

4. Rug / Carpet:
I own 1 rug and 1 carpet and I love them both so much. One of them is the white faux fur rug from IKEA that everyone and their nan owns and the second is a white and black carpet from Flying Tiger. The great thing about the rug is you can either keep it on the floor like a normal person or you can fling it over a chair for added 'bougie' points.

They help with making a room look bigger to me, 'adding an illusion' if you will.

5. Candles:
Great for making a room smelling good and also look good. I love collecting mine form Yankee candles when I'm focusing on scent and Primark when focusing on scents and how the jar looks. Some other places I suggest for candle shopping is Aldi, Body Shop and Next. Those are the first places I go to for strong smelling candles that burn for a long period of time.

6. Trays:
Trays are great for making simple things look better presented. For example in this picture, I've used an old perfume box to store my makeup products while I'm back at home as all my storage is still at university. You can get nice trays from Flying Tiger, H&M home or even Primark. From storing your perfumes, jewellery or skin care products, it makes your room look that bit nicer, am I right?

I hope this post has inspired you into making some changes this new year and making your room yours. What are some of your favorite things that make your room yours?

until the next post,
with love yossy

What's your opinion?

  1. I definitely want to revamp my bedroom - creating a better workspace and also adding more visual inspirations and boards.
    The unique, upcycled trays definitely is a great idea for makeup and will consider it!

    J x

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  3. Adore your photos, so beautiful, just makes the article.


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