Dear 2019.


With arms wide open I welcome you with anticipation. I've been waiting for you like the first ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. I've needed you like the first drop of rain after a drought. Be good to me is all I ask, try not to hurt me or shake me.
The year before you taught me a lot about myself, it helped me to grow and even though it broke me at moments, it put me back together in the end. I've become a stronger person, I can take on more than I imagined, though I'm not invincible, I'd like to think I am sometimes. Days where I felt like that were the best.

I spent a lot of time by myself. I learned that I make good company and have a pretty good taste in Netflix shows to pass the time and fill the void of feeling lonely. But don't worry! I also spent a lot of time surrounded by new people, friends and loved ones. 2018 helped me to realise even more how much I value the relationships I have, how lucky and blessed I am to be loved the way I am.

I traveled. I danced. I learnt. I smiled. I laughed.

But I also:

Cried. Lost myself. Yelled. Failed. Lost.

I fought with myself a lot and I won a couple times. Goodbye to being socially awkward, goodbye to self doubt and goodbye to anxiety I hope to never cross paths with you again. It's been a freeing experience and I'm finally reaping what I sew and what a beautiful harvest it has been.

I opened my mind to new possibilities, I explored and I let go. Creatively I'm at the top of my game and I can see how it's working for me and I hope to take it to another level this year.  2019 you have no idea what I have in store for you. I'm going to show you new cultures, I'm going to show you success after success and I'm going to show you continuous growth

There's no stopping me this year. I will continue to build on every foundation that I've laid. I will take down any obstacle in my way. I will remove any toxic traits, people and things from my life.

I hope you are ready for the journey I plan to take you on because I've never felt so sure within myself as I do right now.

until next time,
with love yossy x

What's your opinion?

  1. The quality of your photos is insane! This post has left me feeling a bit emotional, in a good way. I love January and the whole new year malarky, letting go of things that have happened and looking ahead at how you're going to better yourself, your situation, your business is such a nice feeling. Yeah, you can do it at any time of the year but there's just something about it being a new year that makes goals seem more achieveable, you know?

    Fran |

  2. This post made me tear up when I read it! I could really feel what you were feeling and I could relate to some of it. Honestly before we got to know each other I was so in awe of your work and instagram and you were my inspiration when I was new to all of it, so learn to give yourself more credit! You have been killing it and I hope more people will see that in the coming year!

  3. Happy 2019 love! I hope this is the year you truly find yourself xxx

    Melina |


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