24 Hours in: Milan


Milan was the second stop in our 3 city tour of Italy (I also spent time in Bologna and Venice). I think out of three, Milan is where I made sure to visit as many places as possible. Our time in Milan was filled with a lot of walking, window shopping and of course a matcha latte.

We began our day with breakfast at 'That's bakery' which I had personally never heard of but Monet said she had heard good things about and boy, I was not let down. I had apple pancakes and chai tea to start my day and fuel my belly. Guys when I say those apple pancakes were one of the best things I've ate, I mean it and for 5 euros you can't go wrong!

Then we wandered around Alzaia Naviglio Grande which was beyond beautiful and I think up there with my top 3 places we visited in Milan. Strings of fairy lights stretch over the bridges, whilst the beautiful white glimmer reflects off the water, making your insides melt just a little as your eyes scan all the different locks that past visitors have left behind to serve as a memory. We discovered a cute little area full of plants and paintings and I instantly fell in love.

I told Monet numerous times that I hoped to hop on a tram as well as spot one during our time in Milan and that we did! It was so much fun and the one we got on reminded me of the ones you would see in older films. We took the tram to Sempione Park to go up Torre Branca. Torre Branca is a 'panoramic tower' which is the highest point in Milan. The views from up here are breathtaking and one of the staff members were lovely enough to go up with Monet and I and answer any question we had on all things Milan. 

We could see Bosco Veritcale not too far into the distance and I couldn't help but leap with joy whilst claiming 'that's where we have to go next, please!', it translates to mean 'vertical forest'. I found Bosco Verticale through one of those travel twitter accounts and I was so excited knowing I would have the chance to visit if I could just figure out where it was which we did with the help of google maps. When we arrived, after a few twists and turns we found it and were slightly...underwhelmed? Due to the fact the pictures on twitter were most likely taken in summer when the plants were thriving, january probably wasn't the best month to visit if I was expecting to see it in its full glory now that I think about it. It was still very beautiful and unlike anything I'd seen before!

After that we decided to head to Duomo di Milan as our time was running out and we needed to cross this place off, as this is probably what Milan is most known for. Before I say anything else, I can't stress this enough: hold on to your bags and belongings when visiting here. It is busy and there are a lot of shifty characters around. The cathedral was beautiful but holy moly was it packed! I was quite overwhelmed by the amount of people and my inner londoner started to jump out when people were walking slowly (I'm working on keeping it at bay this year, promise!). If you want to get really nice photos without hundreds of people in the background I really do suggest going early.

Another warning: if you are scared of / hate pigeons, you won't last very long in Italy. Duomo di Milan was pigeon central with tourists taking corn from locals to lure birds in to sit in their hands as they pose for pictures. The fun part of having this experience was watching a pomeranian being let free by its owner to chase the pigeons whilst barking its head off. We also ventured into Galleria Vittorio Emanuele to do some window shopping because our wallets would hate us if we even tried to buy anything for the stores.

Needing a break, we took a pitstop at Panini Durini which I really recommend if you're looking for a light bite to eat. After that we wandered around Montenpalone where we saw teatro alla scalla and some more trams. I had my first ever aperol spirtz at 'la hora feliz' which was surprisingly really nice! I had a few more during my trip after that. Our last stop was for a spot of dinner at Al Cantinone. Our reason for heading here was to experience some proper Milanese food. Monet ordered 'ossobuco con risotto alla milanese' and I ordered their 'tagliolini con salmone, robiola, crema di latte e cima di rappa croccante' both were delicious though, I don't think I'm a big risotto fan if I'm being honest.

There's still a few places I want to cross off in Milan but I feel like I saw a lot in under a day. Let me know your suggestion on where to visit next time I'm there.

until the next post.
with love, yossy.

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  1. Milan is definitely on my travel bucketlist (as is Rome) and this post has just fuelled that desire to visit even more. The photo inside the tram gave me strong vintage art-deco vibes (similar to photos of the tube from the 60s/70s) I remember your snapchat of the bosco verticale and laughing because it's definitely one of those expectations vs reality situations haha- but in all fairness, it probably is due to it being the deep depths of winter, like you mentioned. I'm so glad you had such an amazing time in Italy!



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