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In my last blog post I told you about my tips and tricks on how to travel for less and how I managed to book return tickets to Bologna for £15, well my best friend and I decided that we would make the most of it by booking coach tickets to Milan and Venice. Our coach tickets to Venice were only £10 return for the day so how could we say no?

Out of the three cities Venice stole my heart. From the moment we got off the people mover and turned the corner I was in awe. Water, colorful buildings and crisp Italian accents were floating in the air. What was there not to love? The first thing we did was get KFC. Please do not judge us for making that our priority but our coach was so early that there was no time for a decent breakfast and we were working with a student budget. All I'm going to say is that, that KFC still crosses my mind, it was fantastico if I do say myself (get the 5 euro filler/fill up and thank me later).

We then began our journey by walking along the water of the Rialto bridge with me stopping Monet every 5 seconds to take pictures. of anything and everything. After realising we don't have much time as we anticipated we decided to make a move and get on a boat to go and see Saint Mark's Basilica. 

Saint Mark's Basilica was beautiful on the outside and inside. The journey there was nice. We had to slip and slide between narrow alleys full of different shops, many filled with Venetian masks. If you plan to visit Saint Mark's Basilica just a friendly warning they do not let backpacks in but do not fret, as they will direct you to somewhere where you can drop your bag and collect it later. We didn't spend too much time inside due to having so much we'd like to cross off our list. But whilst inside I picked up a keychain and a gold Jesus pendant so I could have some physical memories of Venice. We also lit candles and said a prayer together about the year ahead.

After that we headed down to the Bridge of Sighs which I think was the busiest part of Venice we experienced. Littered with students and other tourists, it was hard to get a decent picture in without other people getting into your photo, so if you're hoping to shoot here I suggest getting here early. I'd seen the Bridge of Sighs on instagram when looking for places I wanted to visit and nothing could prepare me for how beautiful it was in person. Watching the gondolas go by and watching the water get carried by the breeze was truly a sight to behold.

We didn't have the time to go on a gondola ride and although many people have said they're expensive, whilst searching online I was able to find them for £30 per person which is a lot less than the £80 to £100 price I've heard from many people, always do your research as there is always something cheaper available. 

Next up on my list was visiting Libraria Aqua Alta. Now, this place, I found through stalking and scrolling through @topvenicephotos on instagram, I fell in love with this place quickly and knew I had to find my way here no matter what. With the help of google maps we were able to find it but not before stopping to have an argument about which Mariah Carey music video Wentworth Miller stared in, turns out we were both right as he stared in like that and we belong together. 

This book store was magical to say the least. Inside you'll find a gondola in the middle of the store filled with books, as we all know Venice is known for its issues with water so the gondola serves as safekeeping for the books should the store flood which I thought was pretty cool. At the back of the store you'll find books stacked high and wide which you can climb up. If you're brave enough to climb to the top you'll be greeted by a breathtaking view of some gondolas going by. The bookstore is full of cats also, so that's a bonus!

Our last stop during our time in Venice was a boat trip to Murano. We originally hoped to visit Burano but as we were running on such a tight time schedule we decided to see Murano instead as it was closer and would take less time to get to. Murano is known for its unique glass art and unique it was! We paid three euros after wandering into a glass making workshop where we watched locals create the most beautiful glass ducks. It was calming to watch, interesting too. There are stores also that you can visit to pick up some beautiful pieces of glass jewelry or pieces for your home.

I also had my first pizza in Italy whilst we visited Murano. The place we had the pizza at was called 'Osteria al Duomo pizzeria' and it was fantastic! I washed my pizza down with an aperol spritz. The staff here were lovely and it was such a quiet and sweet restaurant

There is still so much of Venice I have to go back and explore but I loved everywhere I visited. I had the most wonderful few hours there. What really sealed this day off as the best was watching the sunset on the boat back on the grand canal. 

If you have any suggestions on what to do in Venice when I next go, do let me know!

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  1. Oohh wow! Your photos are so amazing, I felt like I was back there wandering around and soaking it all in. Venice are breathtaking and it is so easy to fall in love with them. I've been there twice and would gladly return at any time.

    Janja |

  2. Wow! Venice looks beautiful. I love your photos you took, makes you feel like you are there.
    I haven't been but it is one of the very many places I would love to see!
    Thank you for sharing, sounds like you had a wonderful day exploring!

    Aimsy xoxo

  3. Breathtakingly beautiful! The famous Bridge of Sighs, the book store, the boat trip...seems like a dream trip. Thanks for sharing. And your pics are gorgeous. Love the edit.


  4. These pictures of Venice are stunning! It seems like you had such an incredible time there! x

    Lucy |

  5. You've captured the beauty of Venice so well! I've heard so many great things about Venice and I'm hoping that I can squeeze in a solo trip to Venice this year or with bae.

    Thanks for another lovely post, your travel content is beautiful!

  6. The photos and edits in this? Whew. I love it all. It gave me very warm, nostalgic vibes for Venice- I would love to revisit in off-peak season like you did, I feel like it definitely has a much more chilled and relaxed vibe compared to the midst of summer (I was overwhelmed by how many people there were) I'm so glad you had an amazing time and got to experience the sheer beauty of Venice.



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