3am promises to myself


It's three in the morning, I should probably be sleeping but I'm not. My heart is still racing from the action film I finished on Netflix, my bed is cold from neglect and my mind? It's at peace, kind of. I've been thinking about myself lately and how I don't take care of myself. I know how to treat myself but I don't know how to look after and better myself. I don't take my health seriously, relationships and goals too and it's something that's starting to grate on me. 

So I've made some promises.

I want to: 

- educate myself, I want to read more books, listen to podcasts and go to networking events. I've blogged continuously about putting fear behind you, living my best life and giving myself every opportunity but yet I still can't take my own advice and it is frustrating. I promise to build a better life for myself.

- love more. I have such amazing people in my life and I'm very great at expressing how much I love them with words but I feel like I don't do enough to show them through actions. so I promise to be more giving in every aspect, attention, planning days out, being more supportive and giving as a daughter, sister and friend.

- explore. I've always loved the idea of going on a day trip to Oxford or Bath, small places in the UK that I know will be filled with the cutest cafes and have a slow paced feel to it. I get so overwhelmed in London when I'm in central that I want to get in and out but I want to experience wishing I had enough time to roam the streets doing nothing and just taking in the scenery. I promise to book a coach and visit one of these places soon.

- try new things. I've recently come to learn that I have a strong love for spoken word and I want to go to more nights filled with poetry, I want to witness up and coming artists losing themselves on stage as their voices melt like honey in my ear, to continue to experience the goosebumps when you resonate to the lyrics of a song for the first time and seeing that person that made you feel that way get the standing ovation they deserve, I promise to purchase my ticket for an event like this soon.

- lastly I promise to let myself go in terms of my blog and what I post, I hate that I sometimes feel like I can't post some things on my blog because it won't 'fit' but it's my blog and I own it? So who is to say I can't post what I want. So expect more short pieces, expect me to post more about music and random updates.

Time is flying and I need to wake up early so I'll end this post here. But  before I do, if you're reading this, I want you to look at the time and tell me what time it is and one thing you promise yourself right now.

until the next post,
with love yossy.

What's your opinion?

  1. It’s 3:16am and one thing I promise myself right now is to not go out when I have an 8:30 the next day. No but seriously, one thing I promise myself is to stop worrying, I do so much of it and it’s just wasted energy as most of the things I worry about aren’t even real...it’s a terrible habit to have. Bath and Oxford are both beautiful cities- you should definitely visit soon!


  2. I need to promise to stop being so hard on myself. I also need to promise to open up to people more! That's how you make friends right? Bath and Oxford particularly are very blogger friendly so deffo make the trip

  3. This is so lovely. I really want to educate myself more, I love learning but on my own terms (didn't enjoy school much haha)!

    Lucy | Forever September

  4. It is 3:47 in the afternoon. I promise myself that I will get more serious about my blog and my freelance business; it is time.



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