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The first and the last stop of my three part tour of Italy (I also visited Milan and Venice) was Bologna. My reason for visiting here was because my best friend is doing her year abroad there and I promised I would visit before she comes back. I hadn't heard of Bologna before Monet said she was moving there to study but I'm glad I do now because Bologna was lovely. 

The moment I landed, I made my way to the train station from airport to meet Monet as she had told me in advance, that her flatmates had made lunch reservations for us. The name of the restaurant that we ate as was 'Trattoria Casa Mia' it was tiny yet cosy. There was only one other family in the restaurant and us. Panic set in very quickly for me during our meal because it dawned on me that I do not understand a lick of Italian other than 'ciao' and secondly I worried a lot about whether Monet's flatmates would actually like me and honestly, I worried for nothing.

Pretty much everyone speaks english and the girls were beyond lovely and I seriously fell in love with how sweet they all were. Onto the food, the food? To die for. Of course I ordered tagliatelle al ragu which is the known food of Bologna and it was delicious. A worry of mine was whether the food would taste like the Italian food I've had in London which I find to often be bland but it was far from it, it was rich in flavor and just amazing. We had a starter which was antipasti with gnocco fritto, the antipasti had regional meats such as mortadella and all I can say is,  I need to consume this at least once more in this lifetime. I washed the meal down with some sparkling white wine and a filling cannoli.

When we finally reached San Luca we had a few minutes before the train would be leaving to head back so Monet and I, for the sake of the gram, sprinted to take some photos of the breathtaking views of Bologna at night. Fingers numb, heart full, I took a few seconds to really take the view in and thank God for the fact I am lucky enough to experience this.

Running back to the train, toes feeling like blocks of ice, we came to an agreement to call it a day. All of the travelling and food had caught up with me. I know the journey wasn't long but I was running on 2-3 hours of sleep. I was tired to the point where I was eating my pasta with my eyes half open, mumbling rubbish in response to Monet when we got back to hers.

If I'm being honest and if you've realised I didn't really make the most of tourist attractions in Bologna and that's because I wanted to actually enjoy Bologna like I wasn't on holiday. I wanted to enjoy seeing my friend, I wanted to hang out with her flatmates and actually socialise with them and I'm glad I did, I do plan to hopefully go back to Bologna once more before Monet leaves as we do have plans to tour Rome, Naples,  Cagliari and the rest of the beachy parts of Italy so I think I will go back and make use of my card again then.

There are so many cool things the welcome card gives you access to such as: the Asinelli tower, access to the panoramic terrace of the Basilica of San Petronio, guided tours of the city and entry to museums for such an affordable price of forty euros. If forty seems like a lot then you can get the easy welcome card which only cost twenty five euros and gets you into less attractions but you still get into the ones I would say are a must when in Bologna from the looks of it. You can learn more about what the different cards get you and what Bologna has to offe on their website here

As our flight back was in the evening on our last day, we decided to do tick some things off my list last minute. When doing my research on Instagram I stumbled upon 'la piccola venezia' which means 'little Venice'. When I sent Monet the photos she told me that it doesn't look like what some of the pictures made it seem like and honestly? She was right. Whilst it was lovely to see in person, it did not compare to what I had seen on twitter and instagram once again much like Milan.

One of the last things I had to do before leaving Italy was eat some gelato and so we visited Cremeria la Vecchia Stalla which was flipping amazing, I can't recall one of the flavors I had but one was definitely nutella. Part of me regrets not consuming more gelato during my time in Italy because that stuff is good but to be honest it was beyond cold there as in cold to the point where tears kept randomly falling.

As you can see the Bologna post is a lot more relaxed in comparison to Milan and Venice. I didn't take as many photos, I didn't do as much but I think I laughed the most in Bologna, I learnt about myself, about others.. One really important thing I learnt is to have a serious appreciation for the people you have in your life. I mean, I already know this and do but Bologna refreshed this lesson for me. Monet and I most likely wouldn't have rekindled our friendship like this after separating from each other after primary school, if we both didn't end up going to the University of Essex. Italy really taught me that things happen for a reason and if someone is meant to be in your life they will be.

Like I said in the last two posts, there is still so much of Bologna I want and need to visit but if you've been before let me know if there is anything I should add to my list.

until the next post,
with love yossy.

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  1. Your photos are beautiful and the gelato looks so good!

  2. I love the vibe of all your photos! It sounds like you had a great time and I feel like I was there with you. Never heard of Bologna before but its one to add to my list of places to visit in my lifetime!

    Fran |

  3. I really loved this post, the photography was bloody beautiful, I have got to visit Italy!!


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