Sunday 24th Summed Up In Pictures.

London I'm Home.

Oh does it feel good to be home, I was dying to come home from university. I had, to put it simply...had it. After being told last minute to change my dissertation topic and watching all my hard work flush down the toilet, I just needed a hug from God or my family. Family it was.

My weekends with Sade is something I look forward to a lot and what a welcome back to normality it was. We finally took a trip down to Columbia Road flower market which I really recommend. Flowers, plants and vintage bits, it has it all. We got there rather early but not early enough to avoid being caught in the middle of massive crowds of people and dogs. The dogs I didn't mind.

After picking out some flowers it was time for content, content, content and then some coffee. Sade led us to the cutest coffee shop in Shoreditch called Pip & Cup where we bonded over our caffeine filled beverages.

shoutout to the lady who was kind enough to take a picture of the both of us

Before heading to service I perched myself down in Joe & the Juice to get some work done and boy did I struggle. Sneeze after sneeze, wipe after wipe, it dawned on me I was getting sick and very quickly at that. I ended up getting one of my headcolds, I'm not sure if it was because Sade was ill and she got me sick too or because my body temperature was up and down all day, all I know is that I had to leave service because I was apparently swaying during service. 

There's not much to this post but I had so many pictures from the day that I wanted to post on my blog and not just my instagram, so what better than to dump them all in this blog for you all to read?

We were in search for a spot for Sade to take some photos and stumbled upon this reflective mirror? wall? and of course we had to stop and take some photos. Don't we just look like a pair of wealthy mums on their way to bottomless brunch?

How do you guys like to spend your Sunday's? What's a place in London you love spending time wandering around? I'm always looking for cool new gems to visit so let me know below. 

until the next post,
with love yossy.

What's your opinion?

  1. Wonderful post!! Great pics too. I like it in the area around the 02. There are a few nice little parks and it's very chill.

  2. Such beautiful photos, sorry you got ill but I hopefully you're feeling better now! I adore your outfit as well!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. I love the photos and I absolutely love you and Sade's relationship!


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