April Loves: Netflix & Music.

1:49 a.m

It is currently 1:49 a.m. and I have decided I want to write as many blog posts as I can? Crazy or smart? We'll soon see. For a while I've debated over whether I should talk about music on my blog because I have such a strong passion for it but where does it fit? Sod it, it's my blog so of course it fits, I can write about whatever I want. So here is a round of songs / artists and netflix shows I'm currently loving (and hating in relation to netflix).


Etta Bond:
I've been a fan of Etta Bond now for awhile, I'd like to say maybe 2 years now? I think my love for her started when I first heard kiss my girlfriend ExR edition or in the morning, maybe it was loophole? I'm really not sure but one song was all I needed to fall in love with her voice. Soulful, soothing and lyrics that you feel like you can relate to even if you're like me and have never experienced the slightest thing close to a relationship. She just recently released a 2 part album 'He's not mine' and 'He's mine' which are both amazing pieces of work.

Favourite songs:
- Seen and never heard
- "Bad4me
- All my love
- Let me hit it
- No more love ft Shae Universe
- Let me down

Teyana Taylor:
Not only do I have a vocal crush on her but a girl crush too. Teyana has it both: beauty and talent. I remember when K.T.S.E dropped there was loads of tweets circling twitter about Kanye and her record label releasing it I believe (if I remember correctly) before it was done? Or not promoting it properly. I may be wrong I just know that she's had issues with her record label but to be honest I love K.T.S.E and how different the songs are on it. Teyana and her songs make me feel the emotions 100% whether I feel like voguing to WTP or I'm feeling emotional thanks to Gonna love me, she knows what she's doing.

Favourite songs:
- Issues / hold on 
- 3way
- Rose in harlem

The definition of a breathe of fresh air in the music scene. For me Koffee popped out of nowhere and then started to appear everywhere, all over my twitter timeline, in stores and on playlists of mine and I am not mad about it in the slightest. Her song toast is honestly my mood for the rest of the year:

"Blessing all pon mi life and, mi thank God for di journey, di earnings a just fi di plus (yeah) gratitude is a must"

Reload it! Reload it! Reload it! Is all I think anytime a song of her's come on, you should check out her Colors performance here, if that doesn't convert you to a fan I don't know what will.

Favourite songs:
- Rapture

(I haven't given the other songs a proper listen and she doesn't have that much out from my knowledge, I think like 5 songs?) she's so young but big things are coming her way.

Maverick Sabre:
Whew, my love for Maverick Sabre goes back to secondary school, from the moment I heard him feature on Jungle with Professor Green, I need and lets not forget Emotion (ain't nobody), yes that's right he samples from the Chaka Khan and her song ain't nobody. He's recently, resurfaced on my music radar with his new album release which was nothing short of amazing. How one person can pack so much soul in one voice, I will never know. I would love to see him live in concert one day so that I can bless my ears with hearing him perform his songs in actual real life before me.

Favourite songs:
- Into Nirvana
- Guns into the distance
- Glory
- Preach

Last but not least, Col3trane who I have fallen deeply in love with. Voice, lyrics, beats? It is simply and utterly perfection and I'm not exaggerating. The beat changes in Penelope is crazy? I wish I could go back in time and listen to it for the first time all over again. He recently came together with FKJ (another favourite) and dropped probably the best song I've heard so far this year: perfect timing. I had this song on loop the other day and probably played it 9 times without taking a break.

Favourite songs:
- Superpowers ft Goldlink
- Malibu sleep
- The fruits ft DJDS & Raye
- New chain 

Being the serious university student I am, I love finding time to procrastinate and that is where netflix comes in. Here are some shows and films I would / wouldn't recommending.

Ru Paul's Drag Race - Season 11: this season? all the tea, shade and fishiness that you need in your life and now that they have untucked on netflix you get to watch all the drama unfold behind the scenes.

Special - very heart warming and short, I finished it in 2 hours. The episodes are like 12 minutes each and there is only 8 episodes in the first season. Loved that the main actor was someone who really has cerebral palsy and is gay rather than cast someone to play that role. Would really recommend if you need something new and not time consuming, simple humor but very relatable at times.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - Season 5: I finally got to watch this after patiently waiting and not watching it on a dodgy website and it was worth the wait. All I say is if you haven't watched it what are you doing? Andy Samberg is honestly the love of my life. While we are here tag yourself, I'm Boyle!

Inception: I tried watching this and fell asleep, it is such a complicated film (hence the title right?) but for me it was complicated to the point where I was saying huh so much that I gave up, not going to try again anytime soon.

That's it for my first installment, I really enjoyed writing this post. Let me know if you'd be interested in me doing another soon.

until the next post,
with love yossy.

What's your opinion?

  1. First of all, this blog post idea? LOVE it. Your blog is your space to share things you love and loathe, why should your current music favs not be a part of that?

    I'm going to listen to some of the artists you've mentioned, never heard of a lot of them but you have a killer taste in music so I imagine I would enjoy some of your favourite artists too! Can we take a second to just appreciate Koffee, I've only listened to Toast but I LOVE her voice, her vibe and the lyrics to that song. Can NOT believe that she's only 18, what was I doing at 18? PIM

    Fran | www.franciscarockey.co.uk

  2. I have said before and I said it again The 99 is my family. I will have to watch again because I watch on E4 and they jump seasons a lot , but I just love the show. I LOVE ROSA! I will give Koffee a listen to, although other than BTS I like aggressive ass drill so or really depressing emo music but I am look out for new musical friends.

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