Mini S/S Primark Haul

If you follow me on instagram you've probably seen me go on and on about Primark recently and that is because they are killing it with their spring / summer pieces! So I thought I would do a post where I show you all the pieces in one place and how I styled them.

If you told me three years ago I would wear tops that look like this I would have laughed and called you crazy but here we are, not only does wine seem to mature with age but taste in fashion seems to, too. I'm a very messy person at times and I struggle with not staining any of my white tops with my foundation but I couldn't leave Primark without taking the white one home. The sleeves were what drew me in first for both tops, also I had a very joy filled revelation in the changing room when I tried on the white top and realised I could also wear the sleeves off my shoulder if I feel like spicing things up a little.

I paired both with jeans to give that 'I  haven't tried too hard but you can see a small amount of effort has gone into this outfit' kind of look. Paired with some accessories you can either dress it up or down as much as you would like. At the moment I'm loving hairbands, the yellow one I'm wearing is also from Primark (and the sandals). I feel like both the tops were around £10-13 each, sandals £6 and hairband I'm sure no more than £3.

Heels. Heels. Heels.
For someone who can't walk that well in heels, I sure have been adding to my pretty much nonexistent collection. I saw these leopard print heels in the Tottenham Court Road branch and picked them up without a second thought. I said "£14? I have to take these home" and I did. I bravely decided to debut these heels at a friends birthday meal and boy was that a bad decision. There is pretty much no support at the front of the shoe which left me hobbling by the time the meal was finished. If you're smart unlike me you will get the gels to support your foot.

Like I explained on my instagram, I saw the black heels thanks to a blogger called Emily and knew I had to have these for summer. These wrap around heels are perfect for dressing up any outfit which I love, I'm a safe dresser most of the time and like to stick with my trainers but no more, I am turning away from my old ways and looking towards the light with the help of these heels (also £14).

Wrap Dress:
You know how every year there is always an item from Primark that everyone seems to have? This is it boys and girls, the wrap dress of everyone's dream. Although, it has it does have its moment (I have ended up stuck in this dress in a coffee shop toilet and my bedroom due to the fact I double tied the string, stupid me). If I remember correctly the dress was £14. On the colder days, I plan to layer it with an oversized jumper and some chelsea boots. We love a multiwearable dress!

This is pretty much all the damage my wallet has let me do so far. Don't be suprised when I pop up with a part 2 soon.

until the next post,
with love yossy.

What's your opinion?

  1. Sometimes I tie my wrap dress too tight as well! Lol I love how yours dress looks and the way you styled it!

  2. Primark have some killer stuff in at the moment, I loove the white top so much!

    Lucy |

  3. I'm reading this a week before payday and I've just made a list AND planned a trip to the new Birmingham primark to get some of these items - Yossy the influenza

    That white milk maid style top and the wrap dress? Needed.

    Fran |

  4. I love everything. I am going to pretend I am debating about getting the white top, but it might as well be in my wardrobe because I am deffo getting it


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