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I'm back university and its safe to say I wish I was back in London. I'm becoming such a busy body when I'm home. Back to back outtings, out the door in the morning and back home by nightfall.

My time at home was fuelled by lattes, blogging and running around London. A lot of my days were spent in Joe and the juice on Tottenham Court Road, doing as much work as I could, whilst enjoying the music they always play. I turned 21 on the 1st. My birthday? I don't have the right word to explain how my day went but there was tears. There was both good and bad tears. But one thing I can say is that it made me really grateful for some people in my life. 

I then spent an evening with Pandora making terrariums, drinking prosecco and celebrating their new garden collection. It was probably the best event I've been invited to and when I started blogging, I never expected to be given such an opportunity. I finally got to meet the lovely Delahaye, we laughed about sugar daddies, blogging and planned when we would next see each other. The new collection is really simple but in a beautiful way that makes them wearable everyday, which is what I loved the most as I'm trying to build a collection that has everyday pieces that I know I can wear for years so it was right up my street.

The ladies who worked PR were the sweetest I've encountered and also the ladies who they invited. Even though I only knew one person there, they were seriously my cup of tea. I can struggle with social anxiety when it comes to events, especially when I don't know anyone and at first I did retreat into my shell but I eased out of it quickly as we joked about London's unpredictable weather. Here's a better look at the new collection: Pandora and here is more on the inspiration behind the collection.

On the 4th, I celebrated my friend Danielle's birthday at Tarshish and all I have to say is: phenomenal mac n cheese. I don't think I've ever experienced cheese of that high a quality in whole life??? Highly recommend.

A lot of my time with Sade on the 6th was spent getting content and honestly? Those of you who do more than 4 outfits in a day? Super heroes. The sweat I was sweating by the end wasn't normal. But we got some pretty cool shots. I'm really proud of me and I want to talk about that for a second.

I'm learning to dress my body and feel confident and its being receieved so well which means a lot to me. Also I'm trying to show off my creativity in as many ways as possible on my feed, my blog and youtube (I've started vlogging again) and people are actually messaging me to say they love it which makes my heart so warm!

Can't believe I didn't start the post with this but I'll end the post with it. I finally saw NAO in concert and it was everything and more! How someone can manage to sound even better live is beyond me but that's what you call real talent. The vibe was incredible and it was one of those concerts where I know that I would be best friends with everyone there if I was given the chance. I would definitely see her live again and it definitely comes first place when it comes to concerts I've been to. 

This is pretty much it, just wanted to update you all on my life again as there was so much happening on my instagram story every day. Also, quick thank you for 4k followers on instagram! My goal of 5k before the year ends seems so possible. 

until the next post, 
with love yossy.

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  1. aww Yossy it's so lovely to get a little insight into how you've been / what you've been up to! I also adore the way you've edited these photos ( as always! ) . really loving seeing you create more lifestyle-focused shots and vlogs in particular! looking forward to our future London coffee bloggers date!

    Nati x |

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  3. Love your blog layout and articles

  4. Love this, Pandora hold the best events, don't they? I always adore everything you do. As I said to you, you can always tell when something is your work. You've created your own little stamp in creativity and I love it! xx

    Em //


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