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At the beginning of third year I promised my best friend Sonia, that I would come and visit her in Stockholm before she leaves and after finding flights for £30 return, I decided now was the time to see my promise through. Stockholm was so much more than I expected. The music scene, friendliness and beauty were all things I did not expect. A special thank you to Sonia, Tosin, Marta and Shay for making my time there extra special.


Visit Tradgarden:
After some serious browsing, I stumbled upon Tradgarden where Leikeli47 was performing for free ans seeing as she is one of Sonia and I's favourite artists, how could we not go? This place is probably one of the coolest nights out I've experienced, it feels like you're at a trippy, colourful outdoor festival of some sort. The concert was amazing and the vibe in the crowd was crazy. In pretty much all my videos you can hear me screaming and cheering.

What to do in stockholm on a budget, tourist in stockholm, travel blog post. Visit Gamla Stan, Old Town. Visit Stockholm

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Wander around Gamla Stan:
Bursting with tourists, Gamla Stan is another must visit in Stockholm. Known as Old Town you can find many open window restaurants, tourists shops and beautifully coloured buildings. One piece of advice is wear trainers as the cobbled streets are comfortable shoe friendly only. If you decide to visit take time to head to Stortorget which is a public square in Gamla Stan. Made up of narrow alley ways, you'll find it hard to not stop and take pictures every few seconds of everything and everyone.

What to do in stockholm on a budget for free, tourist in stockholm, travel blog post. Visit Gamla Stan, Old Town

What to do in stockholm on a budget for free, tourist in stockholm, travel blog post. Visit Gamla Stan, Old Town

What to do in stockholm on a budget for free, tourist in stockholm, travel blog post. Visit Gamla Stan, Old Town

 Visit Nationalmusuem:
We visited Nationalmusuem  which I was adamant on going to after seeing many pictures on instagram when putting together my list of places to visit. They have an area where you can sit and watch different viewings they preview each day, entry is free and I really recommend putting time aside to go here. Just look at all the amazing art we got to see (and I can't stress this enough) for free.

Go up Skyview:
The lovely people over at Visit Stockholm gifted me 2 Stockholm passes to use during my time there so Sonia and I lived our best tourist lives. The first thing we did using our passes which gives us entry to over 60 different attractions, was visit Skyview. The Skyview takes you up the Ericsson Globe where you can get a full view of the whole of Stockholm. The view was breathtaking and the great thing is that they are every 10 minutes so the wait isn't crazy long.

Royal Canal Tour:
Next we used our pass to go on the Royal canal tour. It was wet and windy but it was perfect. The tour was 50 minutes long and took us through Djurgarden canal, the guided tour caters to 11 different languages. We got to see some of the greener areas, historical buildings and lots and lots of boats. There are so many different boat tours to choose from with the Stockholm pass but we went with this one as it was on the shorter side when it comes to duration and fitting more things in our day.

Do a tour of the underground stations:
The underground in Stockholm is well known for its art, each station has a different design as you can see from the different pictures I've included. I didn't make enough time to visit all of them but I did love the ones I frequented during my stay. You can do a search in advance and make a list of ones you want to visit as each one is so different from the other.

Where to eat?

After seeing this place on Sonia's snapchat many a times, I demanded we go here and whew, where do I begin? Not only was the french toast amazing but so was the service and Stockholm mimosa. I'm a huge fan of french toast and it had been awhile since I had, had some and this was exceptional and the bacon was perfect not too crunchy and not too soft. There was bananas, strawberries, blueberries and honey coated almonds that accompanied the french toast. Highly recommend, I could eat there every day.

Eggs inc:
If you love eggs and the colour pink then this place is for you. The inside is a instagram dream and I couldn't resist taking pictures here. Everything in the restaurant includes egg so if eggs aren't your thing...this might not be the place for you. The price was fairly decent and service was okay. The food is perfect for if you're looking for something not overly filling and if you're looking for something different from the ordinary. Also, if I remember correctly, when using the toilet I'm pretty sure there was a motivational speech playing which was pretty cool.

StikkiNikki Gelato:
After finding this place on instagram and after wandering around Gamla Stan for a bit we decided we needed somewhere to sit and have a break and decided what better than some gelato. The servings here are crazy, I seriously recommend just getting the one scoop, two was actually a challenge and I lost. The flavours I picked where passion fruit sorbet and something to do with peanut butter, both were great.

My advice:

- Get a Stockholm pass:
I had a 2 day pass which comes to around under £70 which is £35 for each day which works out way cheaper than if you decide to pay for each tourist attraction each. Imagine how much you can fit in and save when you have a choice of 60 attractions to choose from. You can get one from here.

- Get a travel card:
The moment I arrived I picked up a travel card which cost £22 for a 72 hour pass. They're super useful as you can travel as far and wide as you want on the public transport without having to worry.

- Do your research:
As much as I agree with the statement that Stockholm is an expensive place to visit, there is a lot that goes on for free and also some affordable places for eating and drinking. You just need to browse around online and see what there is to offer.

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  5. Ahhh I love Stockholm!! Went for the first time in August and I desperately want to go back!! We tried going to the Greasy Spoon for breakfast but the queue was ridiculously long so we didn’t, now I regret not waiting!!


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