Favourite Homeware Stores.

I feel like this blog post is long overdue. After seeing how well my interior pictures went down on pinterest and instagram I thought I would share some of my favourite places to shop for bedroom decor. After moving out of my family home for university, I found a real love and appreciation for decorating a room and making it yours.

Every university student and new homeowners heaven. I find Ikea is a great place to start to get basic things and for an affordable price. Ikea is my go to for plants, all the plants in my room are from Ikea because they are so affordable and there is so much choice. The only thing is, when it comes to finding pots for the bigger plants, its hard to find nice ones that don't look like they belong in your garden. Also a great place for candles, lamps, mugs and trays.

Flying Tiger:
Previously known as Tiger. Tiger is one of those stores you just pop into to see what they have but end up walking out with bagfuls of things you didn't need. They always have cute and quirky things that you can't find elsewhere. Recently I picked up two vases from there, one which looks like a babies head and another which is pink with a eye in the middle, quirky right? Also the hand shaped holder in the picture below is from there. They're great for getting things for your bathroom and kitchen also. Their plates, mugs and general decor always has me wanting my own place so I can buy everything.

If you watch my stories you would have witnessed the moment I scored my mirror for £1. Pause. £1? Even I was shocked and so was the lady serving me on the till because the sticker said it had gone down from £8 to £3 but when she scanned it, it turned out it was £1. So if you're looking for a bargain, Primark is the one. They are great for bedsheets, pillows, baskets and blankets for the winter time. The bigger the store you go to, the better the chance you'll have for finding nice things.

H&M Home:
H&M Home is the spot if you're looking for some dried flowers, personally I haven't spent my money buying mine their (because I can't afford to right now aha) but I've kept note because I plan to soon. I walk into the store in Central and want everything every single time. If you're looking for somewhere that sells amazing vases, this is the store. I promise you will be impressed, aesthetics, aesthetics, aesthetics. Also if you're one of those people who want to be extra when having dinner parties, check out their kitchen bits, you will be the hostest with the mostest, I promise.

Desenio / Junique:
Having prints on my wall has made such a difference to the look and feel of my room and I'm lucky enough to have worked with these two brands on a gifted basis. Their prints have added a certain je ne se quoi to my room. Also the fact you can get the frames in the same place is great because I don't have the time nor the energy to go searching for frames that fit. They have everything from abstract, star signs, countries, literally you name it, they most likely have it.

Honourable mentions:
Ghost Home: I was recently gifted some bits from Ghost home and the candle and reed diffuser smell amazing, I have the Azure scent and it is the best thing since sliced bread.

Aliexpress: If you want cheap and you're willing to wait then Aliexpress is going to become your best friend. You can find anything on here, wall tapestries, trinkets, carpets. Everything is on there and for such low prices, the only thing is the delivery can take forever and a day. Also, packages can sometimes not turn up but it's rare. I've got mini figurines saved on there and all sorts of bits and bobs I can't afford to buy from some UK stores.

Hope this helps with finding new places to shop, when I discover new places I will be doing an update.

until the next post, 
with love, yossy.

What's your opinion?

  1. Such a lovely blog post and I love H&M home and Tiger for some homeware bits!

    Ayse x

  2. Tiger is literally my faveeeee homeware shop!

    Lucy | Forever September


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