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Its November, you know what that means...Christmas is coming! I love this time of year because the lights go up in Central London, the Christmas adverts drop and all the festive food!
When it comes to shopping for other peoples presents I like to do it all in one go if I an and if I can do it online then that's even better. This is because I like leaving my shopping till the last minute in the hopes that I'll snag a good deal or possible sale but I think this year I'll try get it out of the way before December rolls around. This is so I can save myself the headache of battling over the last perfume giftset in store. In the build up to Christmas, Boots asked customers some questions related to Christmas to get to the bottom of what exactly, makes people tick during this festive, festive season. One of the findings that I found really interesting, was that almost a quarter of Brits started Christmas shopping in August. If you are someone who can relate, come forward because I need to learn from your organisational skills!

As I've grown older I've become torn over whether I prefer people buying me gifts or self gifting. Boots found that 37% of people asked, prefer to self gift than receive. There can be, in my opinion, a certain level of thoughtfulness that you can't achieve when buying yourself a gift. When self gifting I tend to buy things I want not need, I realised that this year when one of my best friends bought me a light for m photography, something I wouldn't have thought of getting myself but needed. This year I've stuck to my habits and gifted myself a miniature Si by Armani perfume set which can be found in the gifts for her section on Boots. This is because I've had probably one of my hardest adulting years so far and this perfume is one of my favourites that I just can't afford. So what better way to say 'well done me' to me by gifting myself this?

One other thing they found that had me debating with friends for hours is: "69% of people believe that roast potatoes are the most essential part of a Christmas dinner. Personally its a tie between roast potatoes, yorkshire puddings and pigs in blankets. I couldn't care less for the turkey and brussel sprouts and I've previously gone many Christmases without it. Give me the three I just mentioned, covered in gravy? That's a whole bit of me. But what about you guys, what would you pick? (p.s. if you pick turkey, we can't be friends anymore).

My parents gifts definitely receives the most thought. They've given so much up for Sade and I, so we like to put our heads together to think of something we know they'd really love, appreciate and enjoy. This year, I headed to the Christmas gifts for him section on Boots and picked out a robe for my dad. My dad is someone who appreciates practical gifts but he doesn't spoil himself enough so I thought this would make a perfect gift as he doesn't have one and it can add a bit of luxury and comfort to his evenings.

My mum is someone who likes nice things but nice things that have a form of attachment to it. When browsing through the Christmas gifts for her section, the moment I saw this Dolce and Gabana light blue perfume set, I knew it would be the perfect gift. If you know my mum, you would know this is her signature perfume. The story behind the perfume is a sweet one, my mum and dad were in Milan when they walked pass a lady who they both thought smelt amazing, they decided to approach her and ask what perfume she had on and of course, it was Dolce and Gabana light blue. Years and years later and its still her favourite.

Although I find my parents gifts tend to get the most thought, Boots found that people give their partners gift the most though (38%), followed by children (20%). I can't relate to either just yet but, I'm not surprised by the results.

But guys! They're not the only people I'm gifting this year. For your chance to win a Soap and Glory advent calendar all you have to do let me know in the comments:

Who's present do you give the most thought to?

*This post is an advertisement feature with Boots UK but all thoughts are my own*

until the next post,
with love, yossy

What's your opinion?

  1. I think I probably give my son's presents the most thought as they get older it is harder to come up with that perfect gift!

  2. I give most thought to my mothers present as she's been so supportive and deserve the perfect gift :)


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