Little Ways To Help Beat Your Creators Block

There have been moments during this year where I've gone from having barely one picture to post on my feed to having nearly three weeks worth of content drafted on insragram after two days of shooting. So I thought I would share some ways that have helped me get back on my creative ball.

1 Figure out what is causing your block:
Sometimes when I have a creative block it can be caused because I don't like my content, sometimes I just have no idea what I want to post next or I've just fallen out of love with instagram. Whatever it is, take a second to embrace it then another second to say bye and good riddance to the feeling.

2. Take a second to map out the kind of content you want to create:
What I did next was look at my feed to see what content does best for me, I also asked my followers what they enjoy the most from me. I wrote down the different categories and started thinking about what new areas, angles and concepts I wanted to explore.

3. Get inspired:
This part really helped me. Both on instagram and pinterest I have different folders where I like to save pictures I come across for when I'm taking content shots. A lot of people I follow are great at either putting together outfits with items I already own, taking pictures similar to mine but changing the angle up or even finding new locations in London that I didn't know existed. Looking at other peoples photos gives me prop ideas, new ideas for positioning my body or ways to set up my room for interior shots.

4. Moodboard:

When planning outfits what I now do is scroll through my fashion folder on pinterest, pull out similar items and create new outfits. I put my speakers on and pretend I'm in a changing room (sad I know but it helps), I'll stay there for maybe an hour or so trying on as many outfits as I can in one go, occasionally swapping out one item or two to create another look out of a previous one. In one evening I was able to plan 11 outfits for future shoots, I take a picture of every outfit and then go onto unfold and put them into a moodboard, so that on shoot days I have outfits ready and don't have to stress about pulling something together last minute. I'm talking from hair accessories, to jewellery, shoes and bags also.

5. Be realistic:
A lot of the time I save pictures because they're amazing but they're pictures I'm unable to replicate. Especially with bedroom pictures that I save on pinterest, I don't have a big enough bedroom or similar layout in the slightest. So what I've started doing is saving pictures with similar set ups to mine or ones where I'm able to actually adapt it with things I own e.g. flatlays, desk shots and even accessory details. Search for pictures with items you own e.g. trench coat outfits, chelsea boot styling. You'll be surprised how much you haven't already thought of with stuff you already have.

6. Shoot / meet with other content creators:
Within those two days of shooting I did, I met with about 4 different lovely ladies. Each of them came with different creative perspectives which gave me so much to think about. Sometimes meeting with others helps you to bounce ideas and advice off each other.

7. Open your creative third eye:
There are so many picture opportunities if you just cease every opportunity you're shown. Whenever I go on coffee dates, I find that there's always a opportunity for a shot. Whether it's off the coffee or me sipping on my coffee, or a neck down, coffee in hand shot. If you're out and about in central London and see a pretty store front? Get your pretty city london on! Got your nails done recently? Throw some rings on and get a picture for insta!

8. Add a little something:
Sometimes I have filler pictures which look a bit plain and boring, so I add a little something to make the picture more interesting. Whether you add layovers, draw some colourful lines or a quote over your picture, there's always something you can add told old photos to take them from a 4 to a 9/10.

9. Stop focusing on the algorithm and engagement all the time and post what you want:
A lot of the time when I become stuck on content ideas its because I'm focusing on numbers, when my posts don't do well I start overanalysing each picture I want to post and whether I think it will do well. When the reality is, sometimes it's due to the timing of a post, sometimes the hashtags just don't help or people haven't seen my post come up on the timeline. Just because a post doesn't do well doesn't mean you shouldn't post content that you love, focus on creating content you love and not content you think will do well.

I hope these little things have end up helping any of you that may be struggling at the moment with content!

until the next post,
with love, yossy.

What's your opinion?

  1. I find making mood boards to be so helpful when it comes to things like this - great tips gal!

    Lucy | Forever September


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