24 Hours in Cologne, Germany.

When I saw £18 return flights to Cologne for a weekend I thought how could I resist? The perfect Christmas present for Sade that I also get to enjoy. If you want to know how I manage to find return flights for such a steal you can read my blog post on how to travel less.

Getting There:
We flew with Ryanair from Stansted and it was probably the smoothest journey I've had. It takes about an 1 hour and 15 minutes to get there, which is literally the same amount time it takes me to get from home to Oxford Circus! When you get to the airport you can just head down about three floors  to get the train into the city centre. We found getting the trains easy but hard, there's a difference in the overground and underground and you need to find the right machine to buy your tickets from. Citymapper and google maps saved us during our stay. Uber there is very affordable as a lot of the tourist attractions aren't within a short walking distance of each other.

Where to Visit:

The Cathedral:
It's within walking distance when you arrive at Cologne city centre station. It is huge, it is gorgeous and it is also a popular spot for taking tourist shots. I think it was probably the busiest site we visited in terms of tourists. We didn't bother going in but I urge you guys to! From what I've seen online it looks beautiful. The weather was just so off and we were dying for something to eat and drink so admired it from the outside before going on pursuit for a coffee shop.

This was probably the place I was most excited to visit and had the most photo inspiration for. I would be lying if I said it was a tad bit underwhelming however, the surrounding area was beautiful. We ended up strolling around the cobbled streets and were amazed every time we turned a corner by the fairy tale like buildings. It was very quiet and empty for a Saturday morning in my opinion,other than the odd person going for a job and deliveries being made you can easily get the shot you want here. It wasn't a terribly far walk from the Cathedral but I would definitely recommend wearing comfy shoes as there were many moments I worried for Sade's ankle.

The Belgian Quarter:
We set on foot to the Belgian quarter to find a cafe recommended to me and found ourselves in the Belgian Quarter of Cologne which is for all my art people. Beautiful spray painted walls, independent boutiques and delicious bakeries. I really recommend trying a bienenstick (bee sting) cake whilst there. Sade picked one up and I was certain I wouldn't like it but it was so good and lighter than it looks. Also pick up some pretzels because I mean, how could you not? The bread there is out of this world! If I lived there, it would be impossible for me to cut out carbs.

Also another cute area where you can head to if you're looking for somewhere to do a spot of shopping. If you can ride a bike or electric scooter, you'll love it here. I can't tell you how many times I nearly got knocked out by someone on one. There's a few restaurants dotted around in this area but we didn't find anywhere selling the traditional German food we were looking for.

Hohenzollern Bridge:
This is  somewhere I wanted to cross off but didn't think I would love as much as I did, I also take back what I said about the Cathedral being the most busiest, this was another level of busy. You couldn't tell locals from tourists here, it was full of people taking photos, photographers doing photoshoots with their friends, people blaring music from their speakers. It was a nice place to sit and watch, the sun was shining the trains passing by every few minutes. Names upon names on the locks, each with a different story, I connected with Norman's lock the most though.

Ludwig Museum:
This place is right by the Cathedral and although we went in when there was only 20 minutes to closing we got to have a brief wander around the giftshop where I got some postcards and also met some amazing members of staff who's life stories we got to learn more about. One thing I will say about Cologne is that the people are very lovely, from the Uber drivers to the people working in the places you visit. I know a lot of black people worry about visiting places like Germany but I would say Cologne is a great place to visit.

A majority of people seem to speak German here but don't be surprised if you come across people who think you can speak German. They also seem very forgiving if you can't speak it very well or much which was nice because I went there knowing about two or three words.

Bonn Airport doesn't have a massive duty free, it's definitely the smallest one I've been to so I would advise you guys to try getting things you want to bring back before flying back. I was able to find some nice food bits to bring back, there just wasn't as much variety as I'd hoped.

There's still many places I want to go back and visit like Koln Triangle, Hommage and the Seilbahn (which was closed when we visited and we didn't realise was closed till we got there to find it closed so triple check online, it may say its opened but it only opens at certain points in the year). Definitely would visit again for 2 more days and I think I would have covered Cologne.

Its definitely not a holiday for people who don't like walking, I was exhausted on my way back to London but that could be to do with all the travelling we did in general. Super happy to say I can cross Germany off my list now. It wasn't super expensive at all there and I can also call myself a beer convert. I tried 'Malzbier' which was recommended to me in a restuarant, if you don't actually like beer, prefer something sweet (and unfortunately non-alcoholic) I couldn't recommend it enough.

You can see what else I got up to during my time there here

Next stop Porto!

until the next post.
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  1. Another AMAZING travel post, queen! The writing, the photography, the info - SO GOOD. I've never been to Cologne but, as always with your blog posts, I've added it to the list of cities I want to head to next!

    Nati x | http://www.natimacchiato.com

  2. Cologne as many places which are made in the ancient structures and it is beautiful to go through these buildings. For a person like me who is fond of history this is the best place to visit, as soon as I get my Germany Visa I will be travelling to Cologne and will experience this beauty.

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