A Weekend In Bath

One of my goals for this year was to travel more within the UK and within two weeks of being into the new year I've been able to tick that off my goals. Sade was invited to spend the weekend in Bath with David Clulow to create some content and guess who got to go as a photographer? Me.

Bath is somewhere I've seen a lot of people I know and follow visit but I wasn't sure I would love and boy was I wrong. The weekend we spent in Bath was everything I needed from a break.Quiet, beautiful and just full of friendly people, Bath was such a breath of fresh air from London.

Getting there:
We got the train down from Paddington. The journey wasn't long at all, I'd say about an hour and a bit? Our train was early on a Saturday morning so I slept during most of our journey there.

Where to stay:
Dukes of Bath is where we stayed during our time there. Run by husband and wife, the country house was the perfect stay. Dukes is meant to be a celebration of the Georgian era and it was just that. Amazing decor, corridors full of the most amazing paintings and each room is named after a different Duke. Ours was the Duke of Montrose and when you check in you can read all about the Due your room is named after in the welcome book. You can get breakfast included which I recommend, the pancakes were amazing. Also there is a bar too and drinks are cheap. The staff were so lovely and it was such a cosy stay. I definitely will be going back there when I return to Bath, not a single bad thing to say. It's also within walking distance of everything.

What to do:

Visit Pulteney Bridge
The first place we visited was Pulteney Bridge, when walking from the station to our hotel we passed it and it's just as beautiful as it looked online. Don't be surprised when you see groups of tourists arriving in batches when taking photos, it's a very popular spot.

Visit Sally Lunn's:
Sade and I ended up wondering into Sally's on our first day after dropping our suitcases and wandering around. It wasn't somewhere we planned to visit but it was a very happy accident because it turns out Sally Lunn's is a big tourist attraction, the queue by the time we finished eating went outside, so get there early if you don't want to be waiting for a table.

If you do visit you HAVE to have a Bath Bun, Sade ordered the jam one and it was lovely. Head down to the museum inside after finishing up. You can learn a bit more about the history and also pick up gifts.

Go to the Crescent / Circle:
Minutes away from each other, I couldn't recommend both of these places enough. The architecture in Bath is amazing and the honey coloured streets and buildings are beyond beautiful. I'm not one for architecture usually but there's something so interesting about the way the houses bend? This is also another popular tourist spot so don't be surprised if you run into a lot of people.

Visit Fudge Kitchen:
I've said for many years I hate fudge but after ignoring the free samples being offered on Saturday, when wandering around town on Sunday and seeing they were doing free samples again, how could I resist free? Guys, I have been converted, I have seen the light. This stuff is delicious but definitely not to be ate in big bites. I ended up taking a slice home which will last me a very long time as I'm eating it in very small bites. Also the guys working there? Hilarious.

Bath is somewhere to visit if you don't want to be disturbed and just enjoy the scenery with whoever you go with. It is the definition of slow living over there, with charity shops being full of people looking for something new. The city centre was also full of people busking, independent coffee shops and families of different ages and sizes.

I'll definitely be coming back here as there is still so much I want to do in Bath, the Roman Baths was on my list but I couldn't justify paying nearly £20 to go, for me personally, it wouldn't be worth the cost. There are many amazing places to eat and drink in Bath as well as instagrammable spots and I'll be coming back with a part two to this blog post with recommendations.

until the next post,
with love,

What's your opinion?

  1. Wonderful images, Yossy. Bath has always sounded dreamy.


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