London Coffee Shop Round Up

Over the years I've grown to have a real appreciation for coffee shops. From needing somewhere to have a pit stop and change when shooting, to somewhere to catch up with friends as well as meet online friends. They bring me a lot of joy. I'm still not a fan of having my coffee black but offer me a latte or mocha and I'm there (especially if matcha lattes are on the menu). I've come to have some favourites over the years and so here they are:

Richoux, Mayfair:
Richoux was a lucky find. On the day I found it, it was raining heavily during mine and Aba's outfit of the day shooting. We were stuck in Mayfair with a crazy downpour of rain happening so we needed shelter as well as something to sustain us  both as we were hungry. The place has a real homey feel to it, the older man serving us made it very apparent that nothing was too much and if you wanted whipped cream with chocolate dusted over it you were going to get just that and more. It's a great place for people watching, with very beautiful interiors inside.  Also great for getting some Parisian styled outfit shots if sitting outside.

Jacob The Angel - Neal's Yard:
This place was one of Sade's finds I believe, right in the middle of Neal's Yard it makes for a great place if you need a pit stop whilst running around central London. It's small and I would say very underrated. I hadn't heard of the place before and probably wouldn't have known it exists if not for Sade taking me. Again, the staff were super lovely and makes for a great spot if you plan on doing a lot of sightseeing but need a breather.

Kaffeine - Fitzrovia:
Kaffeine is an independent cafe hidden in the back streets of Oxford Circus. It may be a bit smaller but it is busy and rightly so. I always choose to sit outside when visiting here as I enjoy just watching the cars go by in summer.Their cakes and banana bread are amazing and I highly recommend getting something to accompany your coffee, you won't regret it.

If you know me well you know I'm a massive fan of Grind and their branch in Soho as well as Covent Garden. They have more in different parts of London but they are all equally busy every time I visit. Not only are they known for their great coffee but also their very instagrammable neon signs. If you visit I recommend the Soho Grind branch which is just off Carnaby Street and also get the salted caramel brownie it is to die for. Also, look how cute their takeaway cups are?

Farm Girl - Nottinghill:
If you are a fan of coloured lattes and acai bowls then you need to get yourself down to Farm Girl. If not for the queue outside it is very easy to miss. The location of the Notthinghill branch is perfect as it;s just before Portobello Road Market. Filled to the brim with tourists and people ticking things of their London bucketlist you definitely won't be judged for trying to get the perfect picture for the gram.

Elan - Oxford Circus:
This is one for people who don't mind paying a pretty penny for their coffee. Elan is probably up there as one of the most popular branches in London for tourists. I can't think of a time I haven't walked pass one without seeing a queue. The coffee and pastries are on the more expensive side but when it comes to coffee who hasn't experienced paying an extortionate price? The interiors are an instagrammers dream, flower walls, neon signs and more.

Paper & Cup - Shoreditch:
What a sweet little find this was after spending our Sunday morning at Columbia Road Flower Market. Paper & Cup are a not for profit cafe and all the money they make from sales goes towards helping the homeless. I don't know what I love more about here, the atmosphere or the fact that the wall of books are colour coordinated?

Tapped and Packed:
If you're looking for a coffee shop with atmosphere Tapped and Packed is the place for you, they have various cafes all over Central London. It's definitely my favourite for meeting up with people and also seems like an easing going for a first date location if you're both into coffee and want an environment where you don't feel like you stick out like a saw thumb. Great coffee and even greater service. It seems like a favourite of many so don't be surprised if you don't find seating.

These are my current places I've visited and recommend, give me a month or two and I'll be back with a part two for sure. Let me know your favourite coffee shops in London as I'm always looking for places to cross off. If you're looking for brunch recommendations as well as coffee I've got you: here.

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with love, yossy.

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  1. When lockdown is over I'm coming back to this post and heading straight into London!

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