The Self Isolation Guide to Content Creating in Your Room

Hi chaps! Looking back at university and the fact I didn't have many blog friends to shoot with in Essex, it was kind of a blessing. It forced me to be more independent with creating content and also more creative.

I've carried these traits back home with me as Sade and I both work meaning I can't rely on her to always shoot me either. A lot of content creators I follow have expressed how they're feeling a bit anxious about creating content as they're not sure what to shoot so I thought I would share the indoor content ideas I've learnt to love creating over the years.

Mirror Shots:
I found the most amazing mirror in a charity shop on our high street for £35 and after pinning hundreds of bedroom posts on pinterest with the exact same style, I decided to buy it. I haven't used the mirror to it's full potential yet but I've found it great for taking outfit pictures but in a more editorial style like the picture at the start of this blogpost. I went as far to use some stick on butterflies I had from a shoot. Why not take some lipstick to your mirror and writie a quote that feels relevant? Created a makeup look you're proud of? Get a picture of your reflection and pose it up. I also find taking outfit details fun in the mirror also.

A classic that you can't go wrong with. Whether you want to pile together some skincare products, a stack of jumpers or a magazine with some nice accessories on it, the choice is yours when it comes to flatlays. Sometimes I try stacking the items on different backdrops like a mirror or a print just to add something else to the picture.

Here are some hashtags that I find that work for these kind of photos: #postitfortheaesthetic #seeksimplicity #thisishowihueit #cozymoments #theparisguru #hyggetime #thenoisetier #theparisianchique #cozyvibes #aestheticallycosy #llemerci

Drink / Mug shots:
Every now and then I make the effort to go the extra mile with my hot drinks by adding whipped cream with a sprinkle of cocoa powder on top for a quick filler photo. If you're someone who loves collecting mugs with quotes or cute designs why not find a corner of your room that you love and hold the mug in front of it, sounds simple right? It really is! The picture above was taken when we were in winter and I had made my room feel all warm and cosy to keep the cold out.

Here are some coffee related hashtags that work: #coffeegram #coffeeandseasons #cupsinframe #vscocoffee #coffeeflicks #coffeebreak #onequietcup #dailycortado

Plant / Flower Shots:
I'm a proud plant parent (although I have killed many of my plants) and I like to show them off a lot. I find that either placing them by prints in my room or bringing all my plants together makes for a great photo. If you have a Lidl close to you, mine have some great plants in at the moment as well as flowers so it may be worth having a look whilst doing your food shopping.

Some great plant related hashtags you can try using are: #plant_problem #botanicalpickmeup #worldinbloom #flowerstalking #floralfix #greeninteriors #botanicallife #plantsofinstagram #plantsagram #plantaddiction #planthoarder #indoorjungle #plantsarefriends #houseplantlove

Outfit Shots:
Where would I be without the inspiration of fashioninflux when it comes to taking outfit pictures indoor? When I'm unable to take full outfit pictures I find a high point in my room where I can balance my phone camera and flip it to selfie mode. Set your timer for 3 seconds and start posing. I tend to  focus on the top section of the outfit and like to add to it with either outerwear and accessories. These kind of photos always end up doing well for me and they are so quick to do. You can do a bunch of outfits and draft them so they're spread out. Half the time if you saw what I looked like neck up you would laugh but no one is none the wiser.

Food Shots:
Acai bowls, smoothie bowls, pancakes, baked goods, they all make for a cute picture! Again when it comes to these photos I tend to either place the food near some prints in my room or create a flatlay for it.

Hobby shots:
Are you a photographer? Do you play an instrument? Read books? Why not take a picture of yourself doing that thing, these kind of shots are a great way of letting your followers learn more about you and what you like to do. It opens up conversations about recommendations and gives your followers the chance to see if they have something in common with you.

Product Shots:
Have a nice range of perfumes? Skincare products that are all a certain colour? Own a vintage camera? Use it for a shot. The great thing about taking photos like these is that the captions write themselves, you don't have to think too hard about creating a relevant caption as you can talk about the items in the picture.

Nail / Accessories Shots:
Ever since I've been getting my shellac done, I've made it a thing to take a picture of my fresh set. Try adding some rings or bracelets into the shot as well as an item of clothing with cute sleeves.  If you don't have your nails done then get a range of polishes that you think go well and paint each nail a different colour!

Hair shots:
If you are like me and own a unhealthy amount of hairclips, bows and headbands, now is the time to put them to use. If you have a wall full of prints or a plain wall try taking a picture of yourself standing in front of it with your hair accessory of choice showing from behind. I decided to add a bouquet of flowers I had into this shot to help grab your attention to this shot when scrolling. It's great because you don't have to worry about having a full face of makeup done. Just find a nice top and throw it on.

Interior Shots:
Last but not least are pictures of your bedroom in general. Have some nice bed sheets? Take pride in your desk setup? Snap a picture.

Some hashtags you can try using that I find work are: #makeitblissful #cornerofmyhome #mybohohome #bohemianecor #stopandstaredecor #mystylishspace #seeingthepretty #myspaceanddecor #realhomesofinstagram #restandthrive #pursuewhatislovely

Extra Tips:

  • With taking pictures in your room how you edit the picture can make all the difference. I like to use VSCO to change the colours of my picture to a warmer tone. Also afterlight is great for adding grain and dust to your pictures which I feel makes my photos sometimes feel more cosy. 

  • Use different fabrics to add texture to your photos. When taking all FOAKI pictures I literally just take my white linen curtains, bunch it into a ball and place the jewellery in it. It's that simple and the picture is still doing rounds on pinterest since I posted it last year! Silk is another popular fabric I see people use when taking flatlay pictures. 

Hope this blogpost helps inspire you during self isolation, let me know your favourite indoor shots you like to take below!

until the next post.
with love,yossy.

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  1. This is so helpful! You've encouraged me to make the most out of this time. I love your gorgeous bedroom photos. Thanks for the hashtag suggestions! xx

  2. Thank youuu for all these great tips! Hobby and Food shots are definitely my favorite, I use my time wisely to read books and also learn to cook more!

  3. Deffo doing that for my next wave of content because Lmao might run out 😓


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